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May 25th is National Brown-Bag-It Day, which encourages Americans to save money and eat healthier by packing their lunch for work or school. Given a recent survey by the American Heart Association, which revealed that 86% of Americans pack their lunch at least once during the workweek, we wanted to share our tips to bring […]

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The planning and labor that are involved in holiday cooking can be time-consuming and downright exhausting. Yet the food is predictable every year. Add some excitement into your baking this year with these 4 ways to jazz up your holiday desserts. Simple Swap: So many people are using cream cheese during the holiday season. Dare […]

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Each Wednesday our Deli features freshly made sushi for just $5! Here are a few tips for you when you’re ready to get your roll on: 1. It’s okay to use your hands! While not everyone knows how to properly use chopsticks, don’t let that keep you from enjoying some tasty sushi.  It’s perfectly acceptable […]

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Festival Foods associates in the Wine & Spirits Department have the expertise you need when trying to pick the right bottle of wine in an area of of our store filled with so many options.

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What’s the Big Deal about Copper River Salmon? One taste of this firm red fish, with its rich and nutty flavor, and you will understand why seafood lovers relish the three to four weeks that fresh Copper River salmon is available each year. Why is Copper River Salmon so good? The Copper River is located […]

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May is American Cheese Month, and we’re celebrating by offering two free Virtual Gourmet Wisconsin Cheese Pairing Classes in partnership with Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin. Our Mealtime Mentors will walk you through a fun and interactive cheese pairing experience … virtually! In these two classes, you will learn how to pair a variety of cheeses […]

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We get it – meal planning is a daunting weekly task. And, without a meal plan, grocery shopping can be even more daunting. Luckily, our Mealtime Mentors have made both meal planning and grocery shopping a whole lot easier with shoppable recipes. Just follow the steps below! Step 1 – Sign in or create an account […]

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If you just received an Instant Pot or other programmable multi-cooker during the holidays, you’re probably a bit nervous to use it but eager to see what all of the hype is about. Or, maybe you have had one for quite some time and are a bit of a seasoned pro. Either way, we’ve got […]

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At Festival Foods, we care about the future of our oceans. That’s why we source only sustainable seafood – the highest-quality product that is well managed, in plentiful supply, resistant to fishing pressures and harvested in ways that avoid damage to ecosystems and the environment. We are committed to preserving the oceans for future generations. […]

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There is no doubt that people love to snack, especially around the holidays! A simple way to have a snack that everyone will enjoy is to create a grazing board. They make the perfect party platter and can also double as a beautiful centerpiece to show off to your guests. Best of all, you can […]

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Whether you recently received an air fryer or still have not unpackaged yours from last year, we have a variety of recipes to help you get started! An air fryer is an awesome kitchen gadget for so many reasons. An air fryer works by circulating hot air around food at high speed, cooking the food […]

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There is something special about Alaska Seafood. It tastes great and it’s super healthy. Harvested wild from icy, clean waters of the far north, Alaska’s fisheries lead the world in their long-running commitment to responsible, sustainable fishing practices, which are based on scientific research, and have been commended worldwide for their outstanding success. Attention to […]

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During this time, you might be looking for ways to stretch your meat (and your budget) while still eating well. A great way to do this is using other ingredients in place of meat in recipes! Beans, lentils and mushrooms are great alternative ingredients you can use in place of or in addition to ground […]

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Before you begin training for a big race or if you’re looking to get more into running for fun, it’s important to learn how to properly fuel your body. You may already have healthy eating habits like eating fruits and vegetables and limiting added sugars, but nutrition during race training is a bit different. Here […]

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As you might expect, canning fruits and vegetables is pretty trendy during the Covid-19 pandemic. It can seem intimidating at first, but it’s a way to save money by giving fruits and vegetables a longer shelf life. We’ve got a few tips to help you enjoy your fresh produce year round. What you’ll need: Mason […]

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Grocery shopping is easy, and most of us have been doing it for a while. However, grocery shopping looks a bit different during a global pandemic. Health officials have advised that we minimize our grocery shopping trips, which means stocking up on groceries for two to three weeks at a time. Plan ahead, but don’t […]

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It’s hard to believe, but summer is right around the corner, so it’s a great time of year to spend as much time as possible outside in the sun! Cooking on a grill directly heats the bottom of the food (the opposite of broiling), so there is a large variety of different foods that make […]

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Whether you’re stuck at home or on-the-go, snacks that are nutritious and delicious are a great way to help tie you over until your next meal! Our Meal Ideas site is a great place to start to get some new snack ideas. Here are a few snack recipes that have been tested by our team […]

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Baking is a great way to keep busy when the days may feel long and you’re running out of things to do. Treating yourself to something fresh out of the oven will always do the trick! But what if you’re missing a few things? Don’t worry! We’ve got plenty of substitutions options to help when […]

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Your freezer is nice and full and now it’s time to cook! But what are you supposed to do with that frozen chunk of meat? Spoiler alert: thawing it on the counter is not the right answer! Option 1: Thaw Overnight The best way to thaw meat is to plan ahead. Place your meat on […]

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We all know how to grocery shop, but grocery shopping looks a bit different right now. You may be thinking: Are there items I should be stocking up on? How do I make nourishing meals out of the food that I’m buying? Here is a list of wholesome, less perishable foods to pick up. Items […]

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You went out and stocked up on freezer goods, pantry staples and longer-lasting perishables – now what? Our Meal Ideas site is the perfect place to look for inspiration. Explore recipes and filter based on diet, cooking method, course and more. All of our recipes have been tested by our team of Mealtime Mentors, so […]

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We’ve all been there – maybe you overcommitted at the store, or maybe your meal plan for the week didn’t go the way you expected. Either way, you’ve ended up with extra fresh produce that’s about to go bad. Luckily, there are many ways to use these fruits and veggies without having to waste them, […]

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Stuck inside with hungry little ones? Looking for a fun activity to get them involved in the kitchen? Look no further than our Meal Ideas site! Explore recipes and filter based on diet, cooking method, course and more. All of our recipes have been tested by our team of Mealtime Mentors, so rest assured they’re […]

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Our Mealtime Mentors have a few suggestions to get the biggest bang out of your pantry buck. Plain Greek Yogurt: Try layering the yogurt, sweetener of choice (honey, fresh or frozen fruit, or no added sugar jelly), and granola or oats to make your own yogurt parfait. Perfect to use in recipes as a substitute for sour […]

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Have you heard of the Burgundy Pepper Spoon Roast from Festival Foods, but don’t know what it is? We’re here to tell you! The term “Spoon Roast” comes from the popular phrase “so tender you can cut it with a spoon.” The bottom sirloin bit we use for our Spoon Roasts used to be part […]