Cake Ordering

Ordering a custom cake just got way easier! With our new online cake ordering system, you can build the perfect cake for your celebration from anywhere!

Upper Crust Pies

Get a piece of this! The moment you step into our stores you can smell the difference. We have something baking fresh in our bakery almost every moment of the day. From our premium Upper Crust Pies to our custom cakes, you’ll definitely satisfy your sweet tooth.

apple pie

Fresh Donuts

You can’t buy happiness, but our freshly made donuts are the next best thing. Whether a traditional vanilla long john or a sugared Bismarck dripping with chocolate icing and sprinkles, our donuts are made to perfection every day.

Cookies and Bars

Our bakery items are baked from scratch every day by teams of skilled bakers, pastry chefs, donut fryers, cake decorators and more. What does that mean? It means real, honest, hand-crafted sweets.