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Festival Foods' Meat & Seafood Department features only sustainable options
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Many of our guests know that Festival Foods strongly believes in giving back to our communities, but we're also really committed to taking care of our environment and the people -- and animals -- who live here. That's why we love featuring the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch program in our Meat & Seafood Department.

We recently began offering only sustainable seafood options in our Meat & Seafood Department to demonstrate our support of healthy oceans and rivers and to help ensure a plentiful supply of seafood for future generations.

Since we started that partnership in April 2016, we're so proud to say that our seafood selection has evolved to now only offering sustainable options. That means they're fished or farmed in ways that minimizes any environmental impact. The term "sustainable seafood" means they're caught or farmed in ways that support a healthy ocean.

"Our decision to transition to 100 percent sustainable seafood was easy to make," said Mike Zimmerman, senior director of the Meat & Seafood Department at Festival Foods. "As a responsible retailer, we consider it our duty to sell only sustainable seafood and educate our guests about its importance. We need to be part of the solution so there will be an abundance of marine life for future generations."

The world's seafood supply is dramatically decreasing due to over-fishing. And some fish that escape from enclosed ocean pens, or farms, are spreading chemicals, antibiotics and diseases to wild fish. It's a recipe for disaster for the aquatic environment, the fishing industry and for everyone who enjoys eating fish.

seafood display

We're proud to partner with fish and seafood suppliers that are committed to sustainable practices. Examples are the use of modified gear that allows unwanted marine life to escape and the use of fishing lines that can be reeled in manually or mechanically, drastically reducing the possibility of bycatch, which is when fish are caught by accident. A few of our favorite seafood recipes:

- Grilled fish tacos

- Smoked Salmon & Asparagus Frittata

- Cobia, a whitefish you've just got to try

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