Your freezer is nice and full and now it’s time to cook! But what are you supposed to do with that frozen chunk of meat? Spoiler alert: thawing it on the counter is not the right answer!

Option 1: Thaw Overnight

The best way to thaw meat is to plan ahead. Place your meat on a plate and put it into the refrigerator to thaw overnight. By the next day, your meat should be ready to cook! Please note: larger pieces of meat might require more time to defrost.

Ground meat, stew meat, poultry and seafood thawed in the refrigerator can be kept in the fridge for an additional day or two. Red meat cuts like chops, steaks and roasts can keep for an additional three to five days.

Option 2: Cold Water Thawing

This method requires your food to be in leak-proof packaging; a zip-top bag works well. Next, place the meat in a large bowl of cold water. Change the water every 30 minutes as the meat continues to thaw. Using this method, smaller cuts of meat will take about an hour to thaw. Larger amounts of meat can take a few hours. Once thawed, this meat should be cooked immediately.

Option 3: Microwave Thawing

This method of thawing is fast, but have a plan in place to cook your meat immediately after it is thawed since the microwave will leave your meat with warm and partially cooked spots of meat.

Option 4: Cook from Frozen

The final option is to simply cook your food from the frozen state. The cooking time will be longer with this method, so make sure you take that into account.

Need some ideas on how to use up that thawed meat? Check out some of these recipes:




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