Festival Foods’ fundraising efforts for food pantries and animal organizations surpassed $3.3 million with nearly an $80,000 increase in
donations in 2020 compared to 2019.

The giving programs, Food for Neighbors and Paw Away Hunger, provide an easy way for shoppers to support these programs by adding $5 or $10 donations to their grocery totals at the checkout. Donations also may be added to Festival Foods Click N Go orders.

One hundred percent of all contributions to Food for Neighbors and Paw Away Hunger stay in the communities where they were collected. Currently in Wisconsin, 40 food pantries and 30 Wisconsin animal organizations benefit from the two programs.

The breakdown in 2020 donations was $275,000 to Food for Neighbors and $99,000 to Paw Away Hunger. Included in those totals were gifts from Kellogg, NBC26 and Festival Foods.

“Our guests and our partners really stepped up this past year, and for that we are grateful,” said Mark Skogen, president and CEO of Festival Foods. “These two giving programs prove that small donations can add up to enormous impact.”