Festival Foods is thrilled to be part of the Keep On Wisconsin program that is bringing hope to people throughout Green Bay and the state. You may have spotted the colorful message on yard signs or social media posts.

Keep On is intended to be a rallying cry that brings inspiration and hope to people during this unprecedented time of COVID-19. It is inclusive, unifying and nonpolitical.

“It’s a declaration of perseverance and optimism, and an expression of our Wisconsin motto, forward,” said Chad Wiegand, Senior Vice President at Schreiber Foods and one of the campaign initiators. “The Keep On campaign encourages us all to come together as a community, to keep on doing all the right and safe things, and to keep on being kind and caring to each other.”

The campaign launched in April through social media on Instagram and Facebook. Signs are also starting to pop up in front yards and windows across Brown County. The campaign is intended to:

• Rally an inclusive community around continued support.

• Build resilience for the long road ahead.

• Instill confidence in our collective ability to persevere.

• Encourage positive action.

• Fuel optimism and inspire hope.

• Create stronger connections despite social distance.

• Promote physical and mental wellness.

• Lead with strength.