Festival Foods proudly announces two of its senior directors – Jackie Johnson and Jessica Fontenot – have been named Champions of Change by the International Dairy Deli Bakery Association (IDDBA) and Supermarket News. The award recognizes inspirational food industry professionals who are making a mark across their stores, companies and communities. Johnson and Fontenot, leaders in Festival Foods’ Fresh Foods Department, have been honored for their innovative contributions to the company.

Johnson, Senior Director of Fresh Item Management, has transformed Festival Foods’ Deli and Bakery departments with the introduction of AI-based technology, helping these teams adapt to future challenges. Her strategic leadership has led to increased sales growth and reduced inventory loss. By empowering associates and guiding them toward efficiency, Johnson has streamlined operations and enhanced flexibility in labor scheduling.

Fontenot, Senior Director of Bakery, has made significant strides in her role, fostering an environment of openness, innovation and collaboration. Her leadership has resulted in increases in bakery sales, gross profit and department distribution. Fontenot’s initiatives, such as launching a new cake commissary and partnering with local suppliers, have elevated the bakery experience for Festival Foods guests.

Both Johnson and Fontenot embody the company’s values of servant leadership and commitment to associate development. Festival Foods congratulates Johnson and Fontenot on their well-deserved recognition as IDDBA Champions of Change award recipients.

Jackie Johnson
Jessica Fontenot