Festival Foods proudly announces its recognition as 2023 Top Disability-Friendly Employer in Wisconsin™, a significant inaugural award honor presented by Disability:IN Wisconsin. This award underscores Festival Foods’ dedication to fostering disability inclusion and equity within its workplace.

Judy Quigley, Executive Director of Disability:IN Wisconsin, explains, “The Top Disability-Friendly Employer in Wisconsin™ Award is a testament to companies genuinely committed to creating inclusive workplaces where people with disabilities can thrive.”

Melissa Van Gheem, Senior Human Resources Director at Festival Foods, officially accepted the award on October 12, 2023, at the 2023 Disability:IN Wisconsin Summit. This in-person event, hosted by American Family Insurance in Madison, WI, gathered leaders and advocates for disability inclusion.

Expressing gratitude for the recognition, Van Gheem highlighted Festival Foods’ impactful efforts in cultivating a workplace that encourages belonging for all associates. “This award truly acknowledges our dedication to serving associates with varying abilities. I’m proud that Festival Foods actively hires individuals with disabilities and supports their growth into fulfilling careers. Collectively, we promote the abilities of those we serve, transcending any focus on disabilities.”

Consistently showcasing commitment to diversity and inclusion, Festival Foods provides equal opportunities for individuals of all abilities. The Human Resources team has been instrumental in ensuring the growth and success of individuals with disabilities within the organization.