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Festival Foods


Sheboygan Reviews

Ian Goakey
Deli is amazing, fruits and veggies always fresh, meat is fresh with lots of variety, there's even sushi here! A little more pricey than Walmart, but that's to be expected, mainly its overall a better quality place to grocery shop.
Marcus Krugel
Great selection of neat and seafood.
Jay Johnson
Lots of good things
James Self
An unmatched selection of everything from every day grocery items to organic, ethnic, gluten-free, and other specialty foods. There is full service butcher/seafood and deli counters. A full service bakery is hard to miss. The produce area is ridiculously large. There is also a salad/olive/cold food area as well as a full hot food self-serve area. You can find a giant "wine & spirits" section including a large walk in beer cooler. Don't worry about having to take your kids along because they have a supervised play area. The reason why I do not rate Festival higher is because of the prices. Everyday prices on the basics is a fair amount higher than what you'd pay at other local grocery stores. Their weekly sales do offer some decent deals, but those savings are usually offset by the higher prices on items not on sale. This store offers an immense selection of just about everything and good overall service. Just be prepared to pay premium prices for it.
Benaiah Appleton
Yay festival
Steve Splittgerber
I would think a store of this size should have better quality cantaloupe and pineapple, the produce overall is quite nice.
Paul White
Kyle Hulsebus
A little pricier, but if you know how to find the deals, it's the best variety and nicest grocery store in Sheboygan
Stacie Van Ess
The bakery here is delicious! They have the best muffins, bagels, and sourdough bread in the area. Their donuts are also delicious. They have a wide variety of frosted cookies, eclairs, cream puffs, and more in their bakery case!
Lynn Schwantesl
I love the fresh baked goods. The meat is so great. I love it when you get 10 percent off.
Alice Wilsing
Okay. Everyone is so helpful. Always going out of their way to help. Love the store and the products and the prices.
John Konen
Very helpful, gave me a deal on peanut butter
Calvin Knaide
The service is always perfect, and the employees serve you with kindness and perfection
Beautiful Trauma
Good selection of produce, the store is a bit big, but that makes it good. My mom and I shop here occasionally on Saturdays and Sundays, and we leave with a cart full of everything we wanted. The bakery stand is a little lackluster in the morning, but I am very picky and I'm sure you can find positives about it. Festival is a very good grocery store that I will go to when I am older.
Thomas Peloquin
Awesome place.