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Festival Foods


Portage Reviews

Kenlyn T Gretz
On Valentine's Day, I wanted to make Chimichurri steak for my wife and daughters. I stopped at the Manitowoc store after work. I headed to the meat department and saw two butchers, one was helping a customer and the other I approached. I could see he was about to finish his shift and he was nearly out from behind the counter. I said to him: "Leaving for the day?" He said.... "almost, what can I get for you?" I responded, you are done with your shift, go home. He insisted: "No, I can help" While he was picking out my steak, I asked would you happen to know where I can find Chimichurri sauce? He had no clue, but he used his in-store radio to call an associate and he asked many questions to help. I knew he wanted to get home, so I said, no worries. I will find it. I moved on and went to the area (barbeque ) where I thought it was and I could not find it. I happen to see a female Festival Foods employee and I asked her! She said you are the guy looking for Chimichurri sauce? This is who the butcher was on the radio with. She said let me help you. But first, she needed to radio the meat department she was headed to and tell them she was helping me. She googled the product and brand and we went back to the barbeque area and together we looked. She was wonderfully helpful. She was patient. Remember, she had another department that was waiting for her. We could not find it. She then offered up a brand of marinade option that she heard good things about. She offered a solution. I purchased that. Very impressed. By the way, I went to Wal-Mart and they also don't sell chimichurri sauce. I guess I'll have to make my own. Great experience.
Brenda Brissette
Expensive, good produce and meats
LuAnn Smith
Kinda expensive. Didn't have a lot of items I normally buy.
Ronald Benisch
I went there because they were having a sale on lobster tails the price was so cheap that I was able to have lobster mac and cheese for the first time in my life
Inge Adelmeyer
Used to be much better. Produce and bakery used to be top notch...really has gone down hill.
Robin Olsen Winkler
Great people, great food...superior service! My favorite grocer!
Tera Blend
Thank you janesville festival 2 years in a row you did amazing for our daughters birthday cake! Beautiful decorations to the taste, so many compliments on it.i think a job well done deserves recognition.
Kathleen Arvelo
They offer a wider variety of ethnic foods, compared to other stores in Baraboo and Portage.
Donna Lavore
Very nice store. Good selection and layout.
Tim Davis
Would be better if the "We Bag" was better....soup cans with fruit and veggies I think not.
Jenni Paske
Great produce, good sales. Love the coupons!
Timothy Wingett
Prices are a touch high
JOAN Alden
I just couldn't wait for Festival foods to come to Portage. I Have shopped in Lacrosse and Mauston Festival foods and love those stores, I would go out of my way to shop Festival. My mother-in-law who lived in LaCrosse gave the potato salad recipe to the owners of Festival foods when she retired from the store in Onalaska and let me tell you that was a big deal!!! as a family member we were not given that recipe for the potato salad. So when your store came to Portage I knew I would be able to purchase what you call" your own potato salad". In the first few months of the Portage store being open we enjoyed the potato salad and meats and other items your store has to offer that I don't get anywhere else, but of late every family member who has bought the "Your Own Potato salad" has noticed that the Portage store has changed the taste by adding or doing something different to the potato salad. Believe me when I tell you we notice a big difference as growing up and having that salad alot we can tell a difference. There are 4 family's of Aldens who live in the area and shop at your Portage store. We are all disappointed that we can't buy this item and get the same quality we have come to know. My mother-in-law has since passed away and that salad was something we all talk about at family get togethers and serve at family functions. Please go back to the original recipe and maybe even consider calling it Helen's Original Potato Salad. Thank you!
Karen Reinhardt
More upscale than Walmart for sure. Prices are higher but it's worth it for the better experience overall. Small good for quick pickups.
Jeremy Burmania
I go to the store to get my meat it is premium stuff