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Festival Foods


Portage Reviews

phil martin
Doughnuts are better! Can't wait to see the final results after the remodel. My #1 peeve though is that parking lot. Its been terrible for years and I hope its in the future to get replaced, not just repaved.
Perry Bergman
Tiffany Ampulski
Mike C
There are a lot of "first world" problems and complainers about this Portage Festival Foods. I went in there today looking mainly for coconut milk. I called first. On the call, the manager assured me they had it and gave me an approximate aisle. Upon arrival, I found it, but none of it had potassium (which is what I was after). Manager who took my call passed by. I asked him about it and he showed me three brands. I didn't buy any, and when I had finished buying my other goods, he came up and pointed me to the drinks aisle and showed me several he'd checked for high potassium. Extra mile! I had trouble finding a few things, some prices were higher, some compared to Kwik Trip and Wal-Mart. But you can't get some things anywhere else in Portage (try finding fresh bean sprouts, for example). So this place fills a gap. Oh, and I almost forgot! THEY CARRY "OLD CROC EXTRA SHARP CHEDDAR"! One of the few places in WI (outside of Madison/MKE) to carry this cheese that I first discovered in FL!
Just Me
It's OK. I've had too many problems with produce (bruised by cashier, rotten inside, lettuce doesn't last) and the one fresh seafood purchase I made wasn't as fresh as I expect. I like the 'bag it yourself' lane (as long as someone isn't an employee there trying to bag for me anyway) because like many grocery stores, the the bagger nearly always makes tippy bags full of damaged food.
Ani B.
It's a new place. The workers aren't too knowledgeable yet but the produce is amazing!
Frazier L Streich Sr
Kristen Gress
Thank goodness they kept the butcher section.
Cheryl Lynch
margo lochner
Is ok. Prices are high and not a lot of great ad specials.
Roxann Schamberger
Not sure about some things but overall a nice place with decent prices.
Katie Kalbus
Patty Packard
Prices not bad and better than Wal-Mart
Michelle Gall
Such a variety of fresh fruit! Yummy!