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Festival Foods


Portage Reviews

Richard Wolff
Corned beef, cabbage, carrots all in 1 spot #SWEET
Carol Zumach
One of the things we like is your brosted chicken and your meat counter so many choices
Randy Decker
A Gr8 Place 2 Shop for Ur Grub{Food} & the like~likewise y'all! The Staff Personnel Associates r so very 'Friendly & Kind' in Answering one's Q[s] should U have any Q(s) 2 Ask them whatsoever per se. Keep Up the Most Excellent Job\Work here @ FFs U'all!
Rudy Pooh
Must ask for sale prices at the register, if you don't you will pay full price. Must have a $20 purchase to qualify for sale prices.
Russell Wright
I really like your great selection. You're sales can be a little hard but overall it is worth while
Patricia Linenberg
Produce is always fresh. Employees are friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. Store is clean and well organized.
Tritci B. Bros Terrien
We wouldn't ever shop anywhere else. have been shopping at Festival East, in Green Bay, ever since their grand opening ! We love this store. They are always friendly and polite. Never a problem with returns....of which we've only had three, over the years.
April Basten
Over the years, I have met some of the most AMAZING people at Festival Foods!!! Most of them are on the east side of Green Bay & in Bellevue. I'm afraid to name names...some that I can't spell... some I don't recall the name of at present & I don't wanna leave anyone out, either! But many of you know who you are anyway! Hugs to you! Some of these people have exceeded my expectations & have surprised me in good ways I didn't see coming. I'm not so shy as to not compliment someone when I feel it's a worthy moment. ;) Kudos & many thanks to all! <3
Amy Griffin
I purchased a 2.37 lb Beef Tenderloin roast. Never, in my life, have I ordered or, purchased such an amazing cut of beef! I cooked to medium rare and was a la to cut with a fork! AMAZING!
Phyllis Toney
Great store, friendly staff. . Many bargains. . My go to store.
wally miller
Great selection
Kenlyn T Gretz
On Valentine's Day, I wanted to make Chimichurri steak for my wife and daughters. I stopped at the Manitowoc store after work. I headed to the meat department and saw two butchers, one was helping a customer and the other I approached. I could see he was about to finish his shift and he was nearly out from behind the counter. I said to him: "Leaving for the day?" He said.... "almost, what can I get for you?" I responded, you are done with your shift, go home. He insisted: "No, I can help" While he was picking out my steak, I asked would you happen to know where I can find Chimichurri sauce? He had no clue, but he used his in-store radio to call an associate and he asked many questions to help. I knew he wanted to get home, so I said, no worries. I will find it. I moved on and went to the area (barbeque ) where I thought it was and I could not find it. I happen to see a female Festival Foods employee and I asked her! She said you are the guy looking for Chimichurri sauce? This is who the butcher was on the radio with. She said let me help you. But first, she needed to radio the meat department she was headed to and tell them she was helping me. She googled the product and brand and we went back to the barbeque area and together we looked. She was wonderfully helpful. She was patient. Remember, she had another department that was waiting for her. We could not find it. She then offered up a brand of marinade option that she heard good things about. She offered a solution. I purchased that. Very impressed. By the way, I went to Wal-Mart and they also don't sell chimichurri sauce. I guess I'll have to make my own. Great experience.
Brenda Brissette
Expensive, good produce and meats
LuAnn Smith
Kinda expensive. Didn't have a lot of items I normally buy.
Ronald Benisch
I went there because they were having a sale on lobster tails the price was so cheap that I was able to have lobster mac and cheese for the first time in my life