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Festival Foods


Oshkosh Reviews

Dave Dunn
See Mike The Butcher / Artist!
Ethan Raasch
Great place to shop, but there are a few downsides being that it is often more expensive than other shopping places but, they do have a very wide variety of options for whatever you may be looking for. They do have a very nice deli and bakery. Just about every time staff is ready to help you find what you may need.
Victoria Pongratz
Great grocery store to shop
Jim Jansen
Very nice place to visit
Brad Cobb
Always a pleasant place to shop.
Tim Sebora
I wish they would let us know witch items were made in the Bakery and which came in Frozen 😟 Not so much “Scratch Bakery” like TV ads ! Less Far East imported Seafood !
Jean Bord-Pire
Always good experience!
Samantha Pomasl
Great place to shop
Neal R Stein
Nicely stocked food and liquor store. Very nice deli too.
Dr.diamondDog Griese
A very nice place but slightly more expensive than some place like Picken Save.
jerry colon
Awesome deli and cooked food....chicken strips n wedges my favorite . ...nice steaks to cook on grill too......BIG LIQUOR DEPT.
Todd Repp
Love the store....hate the parking lot. 2 direction parking in the same row is awful. If you go when busy...might as well park in the back. Rows are blocked, cart guys leave carts in middle of lane so you can't even back out. Fix the parking lot!!!
Vicki L Wulff Koch
My favorite place to shop for what my body needs - the friendliest staff - it reminds me of when I worked in the bakery at Cub Foods in Oshkosh - I love going to work - and I feel as though the staff at Festival has that same kind of love!
Paul Miller
Best grocery store in town. Fresh food and friendly faces, too!
Cambria G.
They really need to stop overloading the bags, especially the brown paper ones that rip easily. Also baggers need to stop putting bread at the bottom. Everything I got from the bakery was smashed flat. Just carelessness. Otherwise the selection is decent, slightly better than Pick N Save.