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Festival Foods


Oshkosh Reviews

Nathan Mathwig
Amber Labate
Please tell your stockers when opening up boxes containing cheese to not use their box cutters. Bought a bag of cheese here the other day and it was sliced open. Didnt realize it until i got hhome and there was cheese in the grocery bag
James Mollon
Ordered a 3lb cut and trimmed whole beef tenderloin for our family gathering on Mother's Day. This cut of meat was so lean and tender it almost melted in your mouth. The meat department does such a stellar job "Fabulous"!
Binky Leto
Love this store !!! Everyone is Do nice and deli is Excellent !!! Seafood is the he best
Marina Decleene
Michele Meszaros
Huge shout out to Cierra in the bakery for another great cupcake cake creation. She is very talented and I greatly appreciate the ability to give her an idea from the internet and let her do her thing with it. Rave reviews again on the baby buggy! Thank you so much!
Arden James Todd
I am so grateful that Festival Foods came to the Oshkosh area. I like how you don't have to swipe a card to get savings. They have the very best spirit and wine selection in the city, not to mention best price. And what other grocery store gives back to the Community. NONE! Everything out there is sponsored by them. Can you tell I'm one happy camper �
Jayne La Belle
Huge shout out to Festival Foods. I went there today and still not feeling good, I became shaky and sweaty and very weak and light headed. A young man loaded a case of water into my cart for me. A lady named Pat helped me finish shopping along with a manager (who's name I didn't catch). They rushed me through the checkout, bagged for me, had another young man take my groceries to my truck, and made me promise to go straight home. Thank you for having my health be a concern of yours and for having finger jello at $1.00 a pound!
Rose Barbian
Brandon James OBrien
Sarah Lund
Great meat selection
Lindsay A
Clint Gates
Love the bulk buy selection.
Tim Lofgren
Geoffrey Onson