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Festival Foods


Neenah Reviews

Dawn Yunker
There was no Abergele' Portobello with chives, No Morel with Leek, and no Black Truffle cheeses though. :'(
Cheryl L Geiger
Tara Brzezinski
Love the options that festival has to offer and that it's a welcoming environment for all to grocery shop there
Bela B.
I don't usually review grocery stores but I just need to say, Festival Neenah is like Disney World. I would know because I'm a Floridian and grew up on Disney. I say this because when I walked into Festival, ALL of the employees were like, "Good morning!" "Hello! Welcome!" "Is there anything I can help you with?" "How are you today?" Smiles EVERYWHERE. I was waiting for everyone to like break out in song and dance and be surprised by a sudden parade down the natural food aisle. I found my Disney World. It's in a grocery store. In a small town in Wisconsin. Ok, I may be reaching but one can dream.
Ashley Lambie
We ordered our wedding cake and cupcakes with the Neenah festival and are so glad we did. Hilary was so easy to work with and they turned out amazing!!!
Margee Hoppe
I have been getting bad fruit and vegetables for quite awhile now, watermelon, Apple's, tomatoes, I had to run to another store to get them at the last minute. Other areas of the store are clean and a nice place to shop.
Arlene Erdman
I love this location! Quick and easy to get in & out
June Olson
Michael Skinner
Great food. Great Prices.
Danelle Clement
It is pretty good and cheap most of the time
krystal oldham
It's a grocery store
Jarred Hewitt
Cristi Joas
Terry O'Dell
Good food choices at acceptable prices. New and clean look to the building which makes it very inviting.
Andrew Wylie