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Festival Foods

Mount Pleasant

  • Frozen Chicken Drumsticks or Thighs - $0.98/lb. Available only at our stores in Somers, Mount Pleasant and Green Bay on University Avenue and Steffens Court.
  • El Milagro Yellow Corn Tortillas - 2 for $1. Available only at our stores in Somers, Mount Pleasant and Green Bay on University Avenue and Steffens Court.

Mount Pleasant Reviews

Me Sales
Squeaky clean 💦💦 The lighting💡 is the best... EZ to see the displays..If you are searching for that specialty Item it is on the shelves here. Some items are 🔺🇺 🇵 🇷 🇮 🇨 🇪🇩 🔺💰💰💰 Aldi & Save A Lot have more consistent prices
Sammy Sweets
I just had a cake made there. My daughter is obsessed with KPop. This cake was amazing. The edible picture we had put on it, was perfect! The writing perfect! We cannot wait to eat it. Thank you so much to the bakery department! ❤ Sincerely, A Happy Momma
Draven Carden
Awesome store
Mike R
The store is always a pleasant and so very helpful,,the staff is outstanding,,its a store with real people...the store in our city...thank you to all the wonderful people that work there...
Kathy A
Festival Foods is a grocery store which prides itself on fresh produce, meat, a deli, bakery and liquor store. However, the store has an Achille's Heel: 1. The store is affiliated with the Super Valu brand which equates with higher prices. Why should I pay higher prices when I can purchase a comparable brand at the Wal-Mart Grocery Store? Even though there is a weekly ad, the savings are not significant. 2. The conduct of store employees is inconsistent across the board. Some of the employees are friendly and helpful, while others are disdainful and rude. Our family encountered a minority employee who refused to serve us because of our ethnicity. This incident led to a telephone conversation with the manager on duty which was non-productive. The manager's attitude was dismissive, which ended with me telephoning the company's corporate headquarters. The corporate management listened to my concerns and the matter was resolved. Overall, the store has a lot going for it, but only time will tell if it can survive against the competition from Wal-Mart, Kroger and Piggly Wiggly.
Patricia Flanagan
They have a lot of less usual product's like Ligonberries and Salsa Verde....clean store. I like it.
Brittany Richard
My son had a blast yesterday during Festival Foods Trick or Treating. So many delicious samples the apples were definitely a hit 🍎. Great activities for the kids !! Decorating his own spooky cookie was the highlight of the day😊 The staff was so polite and helpful. Definitely our family's favorite place to shop 👏🏼
Joe Metallo
A pretty good Festival as I've ever seen one.
Mia Beauchamp
Wow! I LOVE the Festival Food market! They always have the freshest meat department and their produce is usually just as fresh! I won't go anywhere else for meat or fish!! I usually have limited interactions with the cashiers, as i 95% of the time i use self check out; but when i do, they are usually friendly and helpful. Any time i pass an employee they usually say "hi". They are great about me having my Service Dog with me. I have NEVER had an access problem with them! We are so frequent in there they are starting to recognize us.
D27 Lee
Helpful employees and nice. Easy to find what im looking for. Also not having to cut coupons from the ad. They just have to scan it. If you forget to grab one at the entrance they have one at the register. One of the cleanest and nicest place to shop
Ruth Piper
The employees are very helpful and very friendly. What a nice place to shop at.
Great prices
Maria Rosalez
Clean Store and they carry "Food for Life" gluten free bread.
Kristi Benton
Excellant food! Awesome staff! Well worth the ride to get their items for me.
cindy cook
Clean,clean store love everything about Festival Food. I actually don't mind pushing around the grocery carts . They are lightweight but sturdy. Took advantage of 5 dollar sushi Wednesday.