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Festival Foods

Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant Reviews

Jill Petersen
There is soooo much choices & even ready meals 4 a single person - I love 2 cook, but it's usually 4 a lot of people. The employees r courteous & friendly. #1 store 4 me & no cutting coupons!
Phyllis Oulch
Love shopping at festival food a lot better then Wal-Mart
Tom Thompson
My 3 year old daughter LOVES this store. She can either go in the daycare or push her own little cart around. When she's in the daycare it's great to be able to shop in piece. I'd give it a 5 if their meat prices weren't so darn high.
Marissa McCarthy
Christina Wagner
♡♡♡ Our family loves Festival! PLEASE bring one to the Milwaukee & Waukesha areas! ♡♡♡
Sherry Carrion
Thank for having activities for kids!! Safe fun clean Invierment
Tory White Sr.
Ricky S. Johnson
Nice store, friendly employees and a good selection of organic items. One of my favorite stores in the Racine area.
Chaparrita Valladares
Rick Leonard
Great staff, decent selection, but premium prices. Huge organic and veggie section makes this a regular stop for us, but the only so-so produce and the fact we can get just about everything cheaper other places near by make this our place for quick stops only.
Arline Dahlquist
Andy Hapka
Was just in this morning. I was looking for Happy Birthday cupcakes. I found ones I liked, but they had different pins in them (faces). I asked at the counter if they had Happy Birthday ones and offered to buy them. They switched them out for free and made them look great! Nice people in the bakery!
Renee Sinjakovic
Kelsey Maynard
Love the selection.
Stephanie VonBerg
love working for them and the prices are good love it