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Festival Foods


Menasha Reviews

Cory Wilinski
Kenneth Yingling
Judy Watkins
One of my favorite places to shop, good specials and friendly employees.
Allie Ferron
I had spoke to someone about ordering in Lactaid 1% milk, I was told it’d be in that Friday. I stopped in today, the following Tuesday, to purchase this milk. I couldn’t see it on the shelf so I went to ask someone. Just so happened to be a manager. He went to check for me. Some where along the line the milk was not ordered. He purchased a lactose free half gallon, on the store, for me. Then had someone make sure the order was put in for the Lactaid 1%. I have never had such an amazing service and customer service for one. I will never go any where else other than Festival, as of today because of this incident. AMAZING work. I’ll be spreading the word.
Brittney VanAsten
Colin H.
Absolutely fantastic grocery store. I love every time I come in here. They almost always have something for me to sample which is sort of like a little reward for going grocery shopping instead of getting takeout. �They have an amazing selection of cheeses and even have prewrapped little blocks if you want to try a new kind. They have a hot deli item on special each day as well. The grocery selections are great for all your grocery needs. There hasn't been a time yet where they didn't have what I needed. The real winner is the wine and spirits section. I come from Texas where you can only get liquor in a liquor store so I was blown away by the opportunity to purchase liquor at the grocery store! I was even more blown away by the selection! They had everything and it was all very reasonably priced. I will be using this place for all my boozing needs. Finally, the staff is some of the most friendly and professional staff that I have ever seen working at a grocery store. They all appear to be proud of their work no matter what department they are in. I am glad to have found a grocery store that I can call, "my store".
Joshua LaFleur
Brianna Juneau
Lydia Petznick Eickert
Always wonderful people working there. Open even through the road construction.
Laurie Jo
Always the best produce, deli & meat in town by far. The customer service is phenomenal. So glad you opened one in Menasha so it's even closer to my house...but before that I was willing to drive to Appleton or Neenah for the quality service & goods! You have a lifelong customer in my family!
Aimee McClure
Ryan Erdmann
Great seafood choices. Gotta do better on prices , mainly produce!
Veronica Martinez
Very good
Adam Marin
This is where I do most of my shopping. Good selection of food and if they don't have what you want, email them and they will try and get it for you.