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Festival Foods


Menasha Reviews

Maria Santos
Oscar Schield
Jerry Green
Belinda Singh
The service is excellent at this location and the store is very clean. Deli is top notch and the staff on hand are very helpful!
Steve Smits
Monica D
Today they had great deals!! The daycare service makes it easier to shop of you have kids.
Bethany Leigh
I have always loved Festival Foods and my experience there today solidified my love even more. Let me tell you a story about it.....A little while ago I ran to Festival Foods on Oneida, did my shopping and headed to the self check out. I scanned and bagged all my items and when I went to pay I realized I had forgotten my money at home. My day this far had been pretty awful and I was already frustrated. I asked the attendant (I wish I knew her name) if she could suspend my transaction and explained that I needed to run home to grab my money. She was more than courteous and told me she would take care of my cart and I could find it at the service desk and complete my transaction there. I ran home and came back as quickly as I could and went to the service desk. The gentleman that helped me went above and beyond (sorry I didn't catch his name either, I really need to learn to read name tags). He asked me how my day was and I told him that it hasn't been that great of a day. He immediately said he was sorry to hear that and his response felt really genuine. Fast forward to after I pay, he brought my cart out from behind the service desk with a huge smile on his face and said that he hoped he made my day a little better and hopes it improves. Great customer service Festival Foods - Menasha! And just in case you are day was made a little better by my visit there. Thank you!
richard watkins
Premium products, exceptional staff
Kathy McCray Young
Jacquelynn Miller
Katie Jayne
Shannon Harris
Rachel Beck
Troy Marvelous Leary