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Festival Foods


Marshfield Reviews

Brianna Teter
Melissa Lamer
Perla Goretty Mireles
Expensive but nice and clean store.
Samuel Smith
good food deals, but not a great place to work.
Ruth Albee
Quality products/food, open 24 hours, friendly helpful staff, very clean. The only downside is the prices, they are much higher than other stores in town. I would understand if it was a product other stores didn't have or a better quality item but on things that you can go down the street and pay less for literally the exact same thing, no thanks!
Kathy Hull
Festival Foods deli did an awesome job. I have ordered their homemade potato chips for every special occasion- requesting them well done and they were done to perfection. Everyone enjoyed and commented on how delicious they were. Thank you for making our holiday extra special and complimenting my grandmother 's home made dip.
Clinton B
david adkins
Amy Adamski
great selection. best meat variety in town. you may pay more but you certainly get better service and are going to a store that gives back to the community.
samuel smith
Great prices, coupons are easy to use just ask cashier to scan and you save on Everything, Best Meat in area, the Deli and Bakery are amazing.
Silvia Smetana
Love it!
Nick Liston
Greg Ellious
Great variety and quality good prices
John LaFlash
Kari M.
The prices are a little high. I only shop there with coupons or if I need to use the Tot Spot (A place where you can drop your kids off while you shop). I do love their produce selection though. I have never had a good experience with their meat department. I special ordered shark one time and when I went to go pick it up, they had it all cut up and wrapped... problem was, I never got to see the product, they never asked how much I wanted or anything. The second time, I had ordered 8 filet mignons to be made fresh...when I went to pick them up, they were large cuts of meat - and no bacon! When I told them that it wasn't what I wanted...they took them back and quickly wrapped bacon around them and stuck them with huge kabob sticks. They looked horrible. Then the gentleman proceeded to argue with me over the cut of meat. I was ticked. They should know what type of meat goes in mignon. It was a miscommunication with the coworkers. Not me. On the plus side, they do have a pretty good bakery!