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Festival Foods

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  • Address

    2151 S. 42nd Street,
    Manitowoc, WI 54220



  • Store Hours
      Open 24 Hours

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Manitowoc Reviews
Luke Gauthier
Great place to shop, produce can either be stellar or not great, no in-between. Hot bar varies greatly from very tasty to reheated garbage. But overall, decent selection, decent prices.
Shea Garmendez
Love the tot spot, the caregivers were very kind each time
Aaron Meyer
Solid selection and decent prices.
Sarah Throndsen
Open 24 hours, good selection and provides childcare if you go shopping during the day.
Bridget Sanchez
Friendly staff!
Sue Blanke
A lot of variety to choose from, and big carts to hold all the yummy finds!
Curt Lemke
Quality food for the price, and the store is easy to navigate.
Sarah Godersky
Bakery is awesome! We had a half sheet birthday cake made for my son's first birthday the decorations were so creative! And love the whipped frosting 😊
Mary Kempf
Friendly, courteous, knowledgeable employees.
David Schmidt
Great place to shop. Good prices and wide aisles.
Nicole Kranz
While I was checking out at Festival today, the lines went down for anyone having to use a debit or credit card. I have to compliment the staff for doing such an awesome job telling everyone who was ready to check out what the situation was and what they had to do if they were using their cards versus cash or check. One Festival employee was handing out cookies as the line to check out by the service desk using your card was quite long and another employee was handing out Festival bucks to apologize for the inconvenience. Well done, Festival, on handling a crazy situation with ease and respecting your customers and their time while you were probably in panic mode yourselves!
Robert Ml
Gteat place in store coupons
Jill Richmond
I love this store. Great choices and everyone is so friendly. This store is always so clean also..... THANK YOU TIM NEWBERG for doing a great job ....
Stephen M.
This is our go to grocery store in Manitowoc. I've always found the employees to be outgoing and friendly. Most everything I buy is organic. I like that Festival Foods has an organic section, so I don't have to wander around to find what I want. They have a pretty good organic produce section. Since I grow most of our veggies in the garden I don't buy much there in the warm months. But as we all know Wisconsin has some brutal cold periods. I am glad I know I can find reasonable, sorta fresh fruits and veggies in the winter ( I say "sorta fresh" as broccoli bought in the store is a pale comparison to going out to the garden and picking it really fresh). The store is always clean; and the layout is intuitive. Nice selection of wine and other spirits. I like that the liquor area has its own checkout. So you don't have to go into the store to the other checkouts if you just want to pop in and get a bottle of red. They are the only store in town that carries my favorite tea (Choice organic Earl Gray); and my favorite root beer (Natural Brew). The sign says "open 24 hours". I assume that is true as I am usually sacked out by 9pm.
Jase Skcur
Great produce, and deli. Weekly circular always saves money.