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Festival Foods


Madison Reviews

Richard Rodriguez
Isaac Schulze
Joy H.
The best thing about Festival is the employees. They're beyond helpful and so friendly. I used to do a lot of my grocery shopping on Amazon Prime Pantry but Festival's personal touches and convenient meal options have exceeded my expectations - no more Amazon groceries for this girl!
Brandy E. Wilcox
It's great to have a store that is so close to downtown. Everyone there is friendly and goes the extra mile to help you find what you are looking for. The only criticism that I have is the lack of pedestrian accessibility in the parking garage. There is no safe walking place or crosswalks for pedestrians going to/from their cars or accessing Festival by foot on Paterson through the garage.
Daniel Sime
I cant.tell you how many times I at yoir.ztore by each employee I walked by ,on the way to my car.the word.,Thank you is.a.lost art .Especially woodmans.i admit,I cherry pick when I bit wow,when you have sales,there good
Ann Hammond Raabe
This store is super clean, has a ton of variety and the workers are happy and engage the customers. To me, it is the ultimate shopping experience!
Hannah Rae
Paul Hughes
Great store, community support is fabulous. Let's go.
Jason Hafner
The benchmark for all other traditional grocery stores. While living out of state I missed Festival. Friendly staff, well stocked and clean. Need to get your shopping list together or don't want to shop on an empty stomach? Buy a quick snack from the deli, head upstairs to the Mezz, grab a beer and relax.
Jan Cammisuli
They have an organic produce section, bulk section, fresh sushi, an amazing deli, salad bar, hot bar, and natural foods section. The staff is always great too.
Christopher Lenkiewicz
Very nice story and great customer service. Very nice produce and meat/seafood. Impressive
Coco A.
Never written a review about a grocery store before, and I'm from Whole Paychecks country! This store is great! Urban, well stocked, great coffee shop (KinKin) on the main floor, great bar (The Mezz) upstairs, beautiful meeting place at the Mezz. Hot bar, wine by the oz., lots of grocery variety, hot bar, friendly staff, so much parking, safe dog "crates" for your pooch to wait outside, lots of bike parking, close to other cool stuff, Pilates, MMA. This is a destination place to shop and such a relief from monster-sized grocery stores. If I can't shop at Jenifer Street Market, I will always shop at Festival Foods!
Muyang Song
Nuriddin I.
Great selection of produce, great bakery and deli. The prices are not super low, but very reasonable given the quality. The employees were very helpful and professional. Has become my favorite grocery store in Madison.
Gail H.
Large, full service grocery store on the near East side. Prices are in line with other grocery stores in town. The deli is amazing. Nice salad bar with hot food too. Quite a bit of pre-packaged food to grab 'n go. Large parking lot on the right side of the store. Just FYI: if you try to take a shopping cart out through the liquor store the wheels will lock up as you exit the door. The staff will assist you with your groceries if need be. I think they are trying to avoid the carts ending up in the middle of East Washington Ave. They have a sale flyer that comes out on Wednesdays. Good experience.