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Festival Foods


Madison Reviews

Christopher Lenkiewicz
Very nice story and great customer service. Very nice produce and meat/seafood. Impressive
Coco A.
Never written a review about a grocery store before, and I'm from Whole Paychecks country! This store is great! Urban, well stocked, great coffee shop (KinKin) on the main floor, great bar (The Mezz) upstairs, beautiful meeting place at the Mezz. Hot bar, wine by the oz., lots of grocery variety, hot bar, friendly staff, so much parking, safe dog "crates" for your pooch to wait outside, lots of bike parking, close to other cool stuff, Pilates, MMA. This is a destination place to shop and such a relief from monster-sized grocery stores. If I can't shop at Jenifer Street Market, I will always shop at Festival Foods!
Muyang Song
Nuriddin I.
Great selection of produce, great bakery and deli. The prices are not super low, but very reasonable given the quality. The employees were very helpful and professional. Has become my favorite grocery store in Madison.
Gail H.
Large, full service grocery store on the near East side. Prices are in line with other grocery stores in town. The deli is amazing. Nice salad bar with hot food too. Quite a bit of pre-packaged food to grab 'n go. Large parking lot on the right side of the store. Just FYI: if you try to take a shopping cart out through the liquor store the wheels will lock up as you exit the door. The staff will assist you with your groceries if need be. I think they are trying to avoid the carts ending up in the middle of East Washington Ave. They have a sale flyer that comes out on Wednesdays. Good experience.
Chy L.
Fine. I like that there is parking available at a otherwise busy corner of E Wash. I was able to find Mandy's Hot Sauces here which was awesome. If anyone has tasted the line of hot sauces will appreciate the find. The produce looked fresh, though the prices are understandably going to be more than say, Woodman's way way down the road. Self checkout registers were nice and allowed me to be in and out within 15 min.
hanu karunya
Slightly pricey but great location
topher holl
Matthew Balch
First time in a festival. It's pretty easy to find what you are looking for.
Luke Saunders
Good prices, great selection, fantastic location, amazing staff.
Nate Zastrow
Amber Myers
Kevin Wiskia
Feliks Albright
I'm not a fan of large grocery store. This one is a bit smaller and I liked it more than I thought I would.
Amanda B.
Festival foods is a fine grocery store. Location, is 100% their best attribute. I have lived downtown for three years now, and it was a godsend when Festival moved in...No more driving to get groceries or miscellaneous home items/medicine you need fast. I buy 95% of my groceries here. Their liquor section, being on the corner of East Wash and Livingston is amazing and the selection is great. A few times this summer, there were some loitering homeless people right outside the doors. It seems to not have been an issue since the fall of 2016. As far as the grocery selection, i have mixed feelings. Their produce is good, and i can easily make a run here to buy a weeks worth of groceries, no problem. Often, they do not have something in the form that i would like. Some examples of this would be, individually packaged peanut butter servings or Splenda in bulk. However, they always have work arounds available like regular peanut butter in jars and Splenda packets /half and half Splenda and sugar mix. I have purchased muffins and cookies from their bakery a few times now. I can't say i am impressed with these items taste compared to other Madison grocery stores. In fact, after a third let down, i do not plan to buy from their bakery again. Pricing, i would say, is fair. I have found generally, my groceries cost the same here compared to other Madison grocery stores. Different, products are more or less. Examples of this would be my beloved Halo Top ice cream is sold for $5.49 at Festival versus $7.49 at Hy-Vee. So that is great for me!