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Festival Foods


Madison Reviews

Jake Fostner
K Cunningham
Convenient, friendly, good-ish prices. Bar upstairs serves bottles, tap brew, and wine. Nice space. Modern look. Fun
Jbliquor Andbait
Katherine Dellenbach
Megan Litsheim
linda hill
Great customer service, best fresh produce, meats and fish
Paul Gnacinski
Very large and inpersonal
Robert Gibbons
It's not a good thing when you have an item in your sales ad but don't have a supply on hand! And the clerk at the check out who was bothered that I didn't want to use self checkout didn't offer a raincheck - not good!
Donald Mobry
I love this place he had a fantastic Dilly just about anything you could ever imagine including sushi damn good potato salad I mean it's just I like the place they got a pretty good Bakery section also. Grace quick Smorgasbord type lunch area and you can go up into a balcony area and Overlook the store at Overlook the street and eat your meal really a pleasant Place good parking secured in a ramp couldn't ask for more I wish we had one on the far east side
David Cato
Convenient to downtown, but store is smaller so selection is less.
Alexis Smith
Mark S.
This review is mostly of their quick meal selection: Just a lot of good, quick, affordable options here. So far have tried the lasagna dinner, which was $10 for 4 lasagna slices and an Italian roll. It kept 2 people satisfied for a dinner and a leftover lunch! They also have affordable fried and roast chicken options. I'll also give their sushi ($5 on Wednesdays) and prime rib ($10/lb on Saturdays) a try the next time I am too lazy to cook or go out for a meal! The staff here has often been really helpful and friendly. I also appreciate that the easy access parking garage for customers and the wide variety of alcohol available.
XxFlappyJacksxX 23
I LOVED IT!!! Great Food and customer service.
Andrew Stuhr
Linda Egleston
What can I say? I love this place!! Friendly people, great service!