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La Crosse - Village

La Crosse - Village Reviews

Ken Zen Hohmann
Exceptional service from the minute I walked in the door to the point a young man took my cart from me in the parking lot. Amazing seafood section. Prices that beat Walmart! I love this store!
Jonathan Henry
Overly busy parking lot, decent price on some of the sale items, staff is very helpful and friendly.
Jamie Nordstrom
Just went through Connor' s line. I am a Retail Store Manager and would steal him from you in a second! He was very friendly and eager to make sure I had everything I needed. Please, give Connor a huge thank you for his excellent customer service today!! �
Bradley Przytarski
Very well staffed with helpful employees and an a great Deli.
Cynthia Taylor
Clean store. Fresh produce. Staff is very nice and helpful.
Keith Edman
Very helpful and friendly staff
Jeff Koll
Ok deals friendly employees
Natalie Hafner
Festival foods has a free service to get you into your locked car !!! Made my day!
Kim Lapointe
Best Deli in the area! Good service with a smile. 😃
Lori Hanson
Friendly staff. Great deli. Fresh produce
Shadena Jones
It's a wonderful place to shop. Great people
Lois Buswell
Always a good place for one stop shopping!
John H
Higher cost then Woodman's and less selection as well. Could be worse, though.
Wendy Brunton
My husband and I got our dessert for our wedding there. We ordered a bunch of cupcakes and a mini cake for our reception, and they turned out wonderful! They did our color theme very well and tasted delicious! We almost decided not to get our cupcakes there because the first employee that was helping us made the process frustrating, but another employee who actually worked in the deli came to help. I'm glad he came over because he turned our whole experience around. Thank you for the wonderful dessert!
joshua grobelch
Wonderful market. A bit small, but good selection. My only complaint would be the parking lot. Kind of crazy. 😲