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Festival Foods


Holmen Reviews

Doris Deutsch
Delightful store, helpful personnel, wonderful bakery, and always the best meat and service that can't be beat. Great bargains and competitive prices. As the old saying goes, if you can't find it here you didn't need it.
Pat Sallander
Beautiful and large selection.
Angela Butler
Blaise Yoshi Augustyniak
Kent Safranski
Heather Mathwig
We have always had a great experience shopping at Holmen festival. Everyone is always so nice and must know us by name. If they don’t carry something they will order it for you or at least they did that with beer we like and now always have it in stock. The new Hale dr location is amazing. You all do a great job
Barbara Larsen
Wowsa, great store, what an addition for Holmen! Wonderful, about time! Yay! 5 star
Raeann Hamilton
Karen Weltzien
Great store
Alex Lavender
randy dayton
Didn't get my free brats with my purchase of Miller lite charged me 3.98
Theo Abnet
Samantha Brown
We were at the store earlier and we got some of your crab claws from the seafood department and some other groceries. As we were checking out the man that was behind the counter (I wish I could remember his name) came up to us and told us the system that rings up the prices had an error and gave us the wrong price and he wanted to fix it. It was actually in our favor (about $2 cheaper). I must say I have never experienced this before. The Holmen store has always made us feel like family but to seek us out after being there for about 15 or so minutes to fix an error is beyond amazing! He could of easily let it go and we would of never known the difference! Thank you so much for making our small town store feel so welcoming!
Jo Ann Fanello
Jim Williams
Always helpful. Their produce is fresh and the meat and deli is fantastic. If you can't find something, ask an employee and they take you to it. Can't wait for the new store to open.