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Festival Foods


Holmen Reviews

Parts Department
New store. Nice
April J.
I love this store!!! My family shops at the holmen location very frequently and we always love the products!!! Cheers to the new location and new carts!!!
April J.
I love this store!!! My family shops at the holmen location very frequently and we always love the products!!! Cheers to the new location and new carts!!!
Clancey Allen
Joel and the crew in the liquor store were great hosts. They treat vendors like family.
Kimberly Deml
Friendly and clean..very large..still getting used to set up..liked older store better.
Peggy Davidson
The store layout is weird, very hard and frustrating to shop there!
paul prochnow
It is too large. Old Man Skogen is trying to pay the colossus off----LOL! Comparing many staple items like Coke & Cheerios etc. Festival is *far* from being competitive with the mall supermarkets. SALES w/flyer coupons are G R E A T ! ! ! I am all about getting a super price NO MATTER WHERE! IF I save $5 at the mall & it costs $2 gas to get it there, well---You do the math!
christy anderson
We love festival, were very excited when the new Holmen location opened. Have always had great customer service and food. They special order of they don't have something I'm looking for. Great store !
Jackie Pyka
I would absolutely recommend Festival Foods. They have the best customer service around. The new store in Holmen is awesome. Exceptionally friendly and helpful staff.
Marx Allen
It'd be really great if the second set of doors could actually be open when the sign says (6AM). I can get getting busy and being a few minutes off, heck, even 15, but this is the third time I've walked up past 6:30, today it was a few minutes to 7, and it's been locked. I go here 6 days per week for my job and any time I've arrived past 6 the other doors aren't open. I have seen several cold, unimpressed potential customers walked away annoyed or thinking the store must be closed. It seems minor, and if it is, but I get in and out of my car a lot for my job and have health issues that make being in the cold miserable and even painful. I've reminded the staff, but it doesn't seem to get better.Otherwise? The store is great, the selection is really great, and the staff is very friendly. Prices are higher than Walmart and Woodmans, but the selection, sales, and quality make up for it on a lot of things.
Robert Vine
It's a very nice place to shop if you are dressed up. I'm usually coming home from work in my semi dirty uniform and I don't really feel like going home to take a shower and put my Sunday Best on just to shop for groceries. And I don't care to take a number at the deli so I just buy the prepackaged items instead. Please don't take me wrong for this is one of the nicest cleanest well-stocked stores I've ever been in. It just feels a little out of my league. But... They have the best foodstuffs of any other stores.
Sophia Karlovich
Great place to work and shop!
Susan Jacobs
Clean store. Nice staff. Produce Ana meat quality are amazing. Mark went out of his way to get my husband the cookies he really likes. I love shopping there. Great coupons as well.
Doris Deutsch
Delightful store, helpful personnel, wonderful bakery, and always the best meat and service that can't be beat. Great bargains and competitive prices. As the old saying goes, if you can't find it here you didn't need it.
Pat Sallander
Beautiful and large selection.