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Festival Foods

Green Bay - West

Green Bay - West Reviews

Nancy Stephani
Larissa WrapStar Cornelius
Great job on my gender reveal cake!! Turned out amazing and was soo yummy!
Ashley Howboutdat Torres
The whole store isnt totally horrible just the lady that was at the bakery who was getting the cake ready This was 2/12/17 and i dont understand why they couldnt of updated their website so that i could have gotten a picture they had. And didnt bother to call me until the day of. I placed the order almost 2 weeks early AND i think they gave me the wrong size cake for 15 people it was only for 10 people maybe 9 how big was i suppose to cut it supper tiny pieces if i would of known the cake was mostly full of icing i would of not bought that cake it was good dont get me wrong just not enough to go around. And it was a first bday they didnt even ask if i wanted a smash cake. I didnt know them existed until i read the other comments.
Chad Decker
Left my wallet at the check out. Less than 10 minutes later I got a phone call from the bank inside the store saying it was at the service desk. Thank you for the continued great service!
Heather Sue
So friendly and clean store love :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)!
Sheila Foral-Ferron
Tiffanie Courtney
Everything I need is always in stock. And employees are always available to help.
Kay Cook
Clean, we'll stocked, not enough workers, prices constantly getting higher
Mike Keon
Good service, excellent deli, bakery, and produce.
Kim Vorpahl
Your cart worker Colton came quickly to change my niece's tire after my brother and I showed up to help her 1-31-17. My elder brother was just going to get to the task and Colton appeared immediately and was going to help him. Colton took over the task with a lot of strength getting the rusted bolts off, and continued the hard task and made my brother's(old aches & pains�)task much easier! Thank You Colton for taking over, making my brother's life easier and helping my niece. The weather also wasn't the best, so Colten helped us to get the situation done quicker�! GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!
Nicole Ballance
The meat section is amazing!
Marie Hernandez
Roxanne Fifarek Smith
Aaron Ballast
Best grocery in Green Bay
Chelsea Heller