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Green Bay - University Ave

Green Bay - University Ave Reviews

Kellie Woloszyk
$10 ribeye steaks they looked good till I got them home and turn them over I was sort of disappointed Festival pricey usually worth it
Kathy Collins
Julia K
Good sales today
Lola B.
I love all Festival Food store in General, but this is close to home. �I Love the fact that if I can't find what I'm looking for specially Organic products that they don't have because they literarily just open this year, all I had to do was fill up a suggesting box on the register for the product/Items and they call and ask me for further help as a customer and that makes me feel special like I am part of their family, they give me a curtsy call to let me know that the item has arrived in the store. � I love the Staff, they're great, they recognize me each time I walk in.
andrew smith
Cindy Beishir
Rodney Shaha
Dillon Voltz
Great store
Paul Piontek
Outstanding fresh deli products!!! Great store selection, and liquor 👍👍. Bakery is AWESOME !! Associates always pleasant and helpful.
Marley Long
No alcohol is sold after 9 pm and beer is only sold until midnight.
Danielle McCarthy
Margaret V.
Man, I wish we had one of these stores close to my house! I just came to pick up some doughnuts and cupcakes, but I was impressed by the cleanliness and organization of this store. In addition to the bakery, I perused the meat/Deli area. The deli looked amazing! The cheeses, meats and salads looked to be very fresh. In addition, the wings, enchiladas and all the pre-made dishes looked amazing. The service at the checkout was great and very friendly. I highly recommend.
Linda Duerr
Grreat selection of food stuff and Verry nice crew!
Michael DeGrand
Great selection and friendly people. Deli is excellent.
Sean Sarich
New store, so it is super clean. Selection is great--a lot of heathy options in the front half of the store and also a great selection of ready-made food items if you do not feel like cooking. The meat and cold cuts cases are wonderful and the staff behind the counters seem ready to help. The bakery is a dangerous place. I just recently discovered Reese's frosted cookies, among 20 other things that are best in moderation, and everything has been great.