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Festival Foods

Green Bay - University Ave

Green Bay - University Ave Reviews

Martin Webber
Such a great store. So happy to have it so close.
Douglas Jones
Great location. Perfect size and selection. Parking lot a little awkward but given the space available understandable.
Andrew Schwalbe
Great addition to the community and can find most things to meet our dietary needs. However its not a one stop shop for us we must supplement other local stores. They do have a very good specialty food section but there are some common items that are hard to find gluten free at this store that we can get elsewhere. Overall though, this is a great place to shop.
Gina Chaudoir
Love the easy access on and off the highway!! Makes a difference when I want to stop at the store on my way home from work.
Mike Walschinski
The selection is great. The thing that really, really, really annoys me is that the store isn't laid out like the others I have visited. It's not even close. That means it takes me double the time to find what I want. I have gone to other stores, not festival, to find what I want . It's that maddening.
Jessica L Baumgartner
Linda Schultz
Katie Schroeder
Picked up Silk brand soy milk on January 31; (stupidly) did not double check the date in-store, as non-dairy milk tends to have a longer shelf life. The date on the carton is January 22-- it should not even have been on the shelf. When I attempted to contact the store via the email listed on the receipt, as I felt including photographs would be more effective than a phone call, the email bounced. The listed address is non-existent. Google reviews appear to receive responses, so here we are. Everything else I picked up is fine. I don't like the organization of this store compared to other Festival Foods I've been to, but I could overlook that for the convenience of location if I could trust there wouldn't be expired products on the shelf.
Bruce Glinski
Michelle Ellie Lance
I love Festival Foods for many reasons... the amazing deli, fresh meat, always nicely answering new item suggestions, THE SELECTION OF EVERYTHING... but you know what else I love? How seriously they take customer service. I just left there after I went in just to get change. I've had a long frustrating day, and I just needed to get smaller bills. I was very pleasantly helped by a nice lady at the service desk. It turned my day around. Thanks so much for always being awesome. It's a pleasure having you in the neighborhood.
Sandy Gutting
Great prices
Ag Er
Such a nice store. With wonderful friendly employees �
Tobi J. Lugo
Best place to work at, indeed! And to buy groceries and other goods, as well! I am so lucky to have it near where I reside!
Laura Nolan
I was pleasantly surprised by my visit on Tuesday night to the store. The store was clean, shelves were stocked, and the meat department was out of this world. The staff at the meat department asked if I was buy chicken and then let me know about all the chicken that was discounted. I saved significant money on the protein I was buying because of his help. The cashier was efficient and kind. This is the Festival customer service I have come to love and depend on. Thank you!
Joel Blackman
Awesome store design and great selection! The dining deck is one of the neater concepts I've seen in a grocery store and the free wifi is a nice added touch. Great job Festival!