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Festival Foods

Fond du Lac

Fond du Lac Reviews

Parker Hanika
Cheryl Tapp
Helpful employees.
Shawn Schodrow
joan giese
Marvin Thiemer
Ronald Tillou
The food quality is as good as you can get in Fond du Lac. The prices are almost as competitive as other places but while slightly more expensive they usually have what I am looking for while other places are out of stock. The meats are as high a quality as can be found locally and they have bulk couscou and other foods and spices that l can't find elsewhere.
Carol Pautsch
They were very friendly and helpful. I had a lot of groceries and my baby grandson. The only checkout open was a "You Bag" (which I usually love, but not with a baby). Another employee said she would bag so I could use that lane. She even helped unload my cart! I would give them 5 stars but I don't like their parking lot. There's always chaos while trying to get in and out.
Dorothy Rabenhorst
Always friendly faces, clean store, cashier's helpful and talkative
Christian ward
I absolutely love this store! Great prices, friendly and knowledgeable staff.
John Makowski
Very pleasant environment, large selection, low prices, frequent specials, has items which others don't, friendly staff, Post office, full spirits store, bakery, they bag or you bag, I love Festival Foods!!
Stacy La Ronge
Festival is one of the most customer friendly grocery stores I've ever shopped. Items are regularly stocked, I can always find an employee when I need one & they stock a nice variety of products. Bonus is that they are actively engaged in the community. Love them!
Anita Gregg
Dominic Giuffre
Love this store! Come from out of town, and we have nothing like this in Milwaukee (yet).. it's one of the highlight of traveling to the Fond Du Lac area!
Candy Andrews
Elliott Meyer