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Eau Claire - Mall Drive

Eau Claire - Mall Drive Reviews

Get the Sense with Ariel
We ordered our wedding cakes from Festival. Delivery was right on time to our venue and the cakes were perfect! All of our guests loved it and could not believe the price we paid for the amount of cake we had. Delicious, beautiful, and extremely fair price!
Trevor Lattimore
Jeannette Frechette
John Goodman
Great selection
Katie Cardoso
Love it
John Proulx
Gail Chamberlain
Busy and expensive .
Mary Evenson
Hope all goes well so they get the bigger store on the west side of Eau Claire.
Randy Ackley
Love Festival Foods!!!
John Roach
Gabriel Wieseler
Often crowded, but for good reason
Nancy Nix
Great prices
Lisa Shutes
Saved $ 79 on meat
Dianna Hoffman
Lots of variety
Aaron Karaba
I've been shopping here pretty exclusively for a couple of years now. Store is always clean; the deli, grocery, and bakery have a great selection; the organic section is great, especially the bins of nuts and snack mixes. I usually come in late at night since I work 2nd shift, and even the night staff is always friendly and conscious of customers working around them while stocking or cleaning. It's great to hear the stockers chatting and joking while they work; having worked retail and still working in customer service, it's nice to know I'm shopping somewhere the employees aren't miserable. Plus, it's a regional chain and from what I understand the employees get decent wages and benefits. There are a few things I can't find here easily (niche international foods mostly, like very specific Hispanic foods for my two Hispanic roommates), but those can be gotten rather easily at Woodmans or Misma Luna. Otherwise, I can usually find everything I need. Glad to hear they bought out some Gordy's on the north side; we're going to be moving in the next few months and not wanting to drive across town to Festival was a limiting factor!