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Eau Claire - Clairemont

Eau Claire - Clairemont Reviews

Mike Ohms
Good sales fresh meat and big deli
John Possley
All around great place to shop made better by the very helpful and friendly staff.
Snake Ratle
I was involved with the store for awhile and it's still great
Al Hembd
Great place very knowledgeable employee.
Steve Johnson
I would be given them 5 stars but I had to wait for several minutes to get waited on at the deli....and I was the only person there.
mary moore
I always have a good experience at Festival Foods...the store is clean and so far the people are friendly...haven't been in Eau Claire long
Carlos Cruz
Good selection. Quality products. Employees are very helpful.
Sarah Pennington
It's close to me so I go there periodically. I like the hot deli section. There are a lot of choices and it makes it easy to grab something if I don't have dinner plans. However, prices are not the best in town and almost every time I go in the smell from the sea food is overwhelming. The last time I went in I had to cut my shopping trip short because the smell was just too much. Honestly, I would probably never buy the sea food because I'd be afraid it would make me sick. If it smells that badly, it usually it has turned.
Satch Olson
These stores are awesome. Love going here. Great meats,sea food, friendly people, excellent deli and produce.
Sean Jones
great food great selection. love the fresh seafood
Alyce Maas
Very friendly and helpful staff. Found what we wanted easily. Specials in good supply.
Linda Marko
Very nice but a bit pricey!
Juan Flores
Great place to shop!!
Stryker Ryder
Great deli. Clean, well organized store. Large parking lot. Prefer this location as access is easier.
Justin Marko
They have a pretty good layout of the store. Only needed a few things and I was able to find everything without needing to backtrack.