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Eau Claire - Clairemont

Eau Claire - Clairemont Reviews

Rosemary Schmidt
Very nice store to shop in, clean, stocked well
Jim Kreilich
West Clairemont store is beautiful! Won a Free coffee at Caribou Coffee in the store playing BOU! Amanda & Libby gave great explaination of new coffee. Found fish is flown in twice a week.
Marie Jeffcoat
Over priced but very clean. Friendly staff
Heather Brockel
Happy to have a store back on this side of town but would really like to see the bag boys know how to do their job. Just got home with a load of groceries. One bag had so much heavy stuff (beverages) in it that the bag ripped and there's smashed glass and wasted product on my driveway. 5 out of a dozen eggs broke because they were bagged with a gallon of milk, and some cleaning products were carelessly bagged with meat and veggies. There is a right way and a wrong way to bag groceries!!!! I definitely won't use the "we bag" lane again. Otherwise I like the store, its clean, friendly employees, a bit on the spendy side but Festival in general has a good reputation and does a lot for the community. Love the new deli bar, too!
Mary Beth Siakpere
It’s so refreshing to be around employees that really seem to care about my experience in the store. My dog loves doing errrands with me and pup spot was clean and convenient for me while I shopped. Even the little things, like the hanging cards at the end of the isles to help me find an item, save me so much time. I really relied on the NuVal scores and miss them horribly ... sometimes leaving me starring blankly at the choices ... hopefully you’re developing something similar?
Nicole McElwaine
Best store in town!
Heidi Schreiner
Good variety plus gluten free and vegan options.
Katherine Timmerman
Clean, great deals, friendly employees. Great deli food and grocery store sushi.
northwestwest potting planks
Very clean, organized and friendly staff
Kathy Jorgensen
Beautiful update to a former store. The Deli is unbelievable!!
Travis Nelson
Over all good place to shop. However bought the homemade smoked bacon. It tasted like fish!!!Will not buy again.
Curtiss Powell
Seriously clean and enjoyable store to shop at. Gordy's made this store look like a dump compared to Festivals way of doing business. Costs are the same if not better than other stores. I strongly advise you shop there.
Laurentia McIntosh
So many things I love about Festival Foods - the gluten-free section, great produce and Meats, the deli where I stop at least once a week for Rotisserie chicken and Festival's killer mashed potatoes (honestly, do you put crack in them???), and most recently, the ready-to-eat meals. I've just begun purchasing them for my elderly in-laws, who don't like the food at their retirement facility, and your prices are affordable for them. I have one suggestion: diversity your Asian food section. The meagre selection of Thai curry is abominable! Thai Kitchen has become disappointing mild and 'Americanized'. An entire jar of red curry paste does not achieve what a couple Tbs of Maesri can. I'll have to keep going to Woodman's.
Mike Ohms
Good sales fresh meat and big deli
John Possley
All around great place to shop made better by the very helpful and friendly staff.