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Festival Foods

Eau Claire - Birch

Eau Claire - Birch Reviews

Eric Freberg
Nice grocery store. Staff was very helpful and polite when I couldn't find an item.
dave a
Good service
Billie boy Rivera
Fresh fruits and the meat is delicious.
Al Nelson
It's close, but some products are minimal or don't exist as those in Festival South and West.
Helen Boening
I love Festival Foods! People are always friendly!
Marybeth Abts
Small, big selection, and friendly staff.
Cody LeRoy
Now Festival Foods is a very very clean well functionable grocery and once more store hold on I think I misspelled some oh heck with it I want to let it go very nice place to stop if you're looking for a deli Amazing Amazing Deli if you love Seafood go to the deli absolutely phenomenal their liquor stores a 10 on my book
Joe Miller
It's a great place to shop
James Harrington
It's so good to have that store open. Festival prices are crazy high compared to what Gordy's was. And even higher then Woodman's. But, the staff is nice, and they are great for getting essentials fast. (Vs 45 minutes to buy milk and cheese at Woodman's)
Heidi Pederson
Well stocked. Found everything on my list and more.
Jamie Fallon
Really nice place to shop for your groceries Really awesome people that work there and very helpful and friendly
Dale Drogorub
Only bad thing in the Birch store is their vegetable and fruit racks. Way too cramped. Cannot get to all the stock without pulling the front ones out!
Jim Opgenorth
Great place to get your grocery's. Fantastic service, very clean. Excellent organic section. Overall a great shopping experience.
Eric Severson
I stopped in the other day to check out the new store. Although it was a lot better than gordy's, I was not overly impressed by the prices. Its nice having a deli,but being so close to woodmans, I was hoping their pricing would have been a bit more competitive.
Scott Krueger
The long expected Festival proved it's pudding with a festive shopping experience.