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Festival Foods

De Pere

De Pere Reviews

Carl Kohel
Love the new liquor department. Always come here for sales of meats. Always friendly staff.
The only place we shop for groceries around us. The staff are always very nice and greet you as you're shopping, and the cashiers are great at stirring up a quick conversation to talk over.
Debbie Diny
I love shopping at festival. The clean store is a big plus. However I don't like the new ad dates.
Scott C.
So I like going here and I don't even shop for groceries. Every week I have places to go and I want to get something to eat that's not fast food and get something quick and only pay $5-10. I have found my calling. What I love about this and basically all Festival Foods is their hot bar and sandwich area, which is near the store's deli. The hot bar has wide variety of items from chicken, pizza, and pasta. It costs $6.99/pound, which is not bad depending on what you get. Going around the hot bar, there's always two different kinds of soup, followed by a salad bar, and then sushi! They have people that makes fresh sushi every day. You can either take whatever they made in advance or you can specifically ask what you want in your sushi roll. On Wednesdays, most sushi is $5. Is it the best, but it's pretty darn decent when you consider getting it from a grocery store. Past the sushi there are a bunch of sandwiches (meat and cheese for the most part) along with a bunch of noodle salads. Near by this paradise island of food there are fruit and vegetable cups for 2 to 3 dollars. This specific store even has three small tables by the hot food bar. I'll get some food and eat the tables and get some work done on my computer. I don't think any of the other GB locations have tables. I do know the Appleton and Neenah locations have an upstairs area with several tables and chairs. I'm a little jealous of those stores.
Oliver Torres
This is a great store one of the best in green bay always clean , great selection , and as i was reading the reviews i also noticed the owner responses , , that means they care and actually look at the reviews and give feed back . I like to stop by on my way home , its really convenient.
Sachin Shivaram
Bright, clean and great selection
Dario Giannini
Molto carino, molto americano!
Jessica Gross
Andrew Greve
Your average grocery store. Prices are reasonable and the seafood is pretty good.
Emily Haase Gomez
Tara Herdman
Great service
cory marcouiller
Adrian Van Veghel
Tara Herdman
Great service
bruce jousma