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Festival Foods

Appleton - Darboy

Appleton - Darboy Reviews

Christina Lefeber
Friendly staff and clean store. Go out of their way to get things for tou if they do not currently have them out. Best deli in town!
Brian O.
I like this store. The produce, deli, and meat department are what sets this store chain above the rest. Each area is jammed packed with multitudes of delicious selections from which to choose. That being said, you can have the assurance in knowing that you will absolutely not pay more anywhere else when it comes to general items. No doubt about it, this grocery store chain is expensive and their prices also sets the chain above the rest. However, the chain employs an army of people at each location, so know that help isn't too far away if you are unable to find something. Festival doesn't employ the use of a savings card and only offers sporadic select in-store sale prices, as well as weekly coupons. And speaking of coupons; always be sure to ask the cashier to scan the store flyer in case you missed a coupon. One other thing that I would like to point out is; if the store doesn't carry an item and you would like for them to carry it, go to the front desk and ask to fill out a request item slip. Most of the time, the store will honor such requests, thereby making your grocery shopping a little easier.
Jennifer Davel Schaefer
Best cakes ever! Their creativity always exceeds my expectations!
Steve E
Adam Marin
I do most of my grocery shopping here. I am usually here 2-3 times a weeks as I eat mostly fresh foods and don't like to have too much in the house for them to go bad. Good prices on things, and Festival as a company overall is great. I have needed certain items they do not carry. A email to the company and they had it ordered. Amazing service!
Daniel Glasheen
Free Child care while you shop, friendly staff, clean store. They do everything right.
Jessica Haack
Good prices
Jon Zink
Best meat Dept in town
Sarah Anjum
Sarah V
Daniel Glasheen
Free Child care while you shop, friendly staff, clean store. They do everything right.
Mike Schubert
Meat Dept is on point
Lesia Scharbarth
Lots of choices, bag your own
Mindy Wyse