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Andre Champagne, California, Brut Rose

  •  Andre Champagne, California, Brut Rose

  • Description: Crisp with notes of cranberry and raspberry. Signature collection. Naturally fermented. Charmat method sparkling wine: Secondary fermentation before bottling. Questions? Comments? Please call 1-877-84-Andre. Alc. 9.5% by vol. Made & bottled by Andre Cellars, Modesto, CA.

    Directions: Chill well before opening. Point bottle away from self and others. Open:1. Remove foil. 2. Firmly grasp metal top. 3. Keep hand on top and twist top until stopper pops from bottle. Reseal: 1. Push down on top firmly until it clicks twice. 2. Twist until tight.

    Product Size: 25.4 fz

    SKU/UPC: 00085000025246

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