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Festival Foods

Febreze Air Air Refresher, Mediterranean Lavender

  •  Febreze Air Air Refresher, Mediterranean Lavender

  • Description: Eliminates tough lingering odors. 100% natural propellant. With Odor Clear. Febreze odor elimination technology. CFC-Free: Federal regulations prohibit the use of CFCs in aerosol products. Questions? 1-800-308-Easy (3279).

    Ingredients: Odor eliminator, water, fragrance, non-flammable natural propellant, qualitycontrol ingredients. No CFCs.

    Directions: Hold can upright. Pull trigger back. Spray the air in a sweeping motion throughout the entire room. Do not shake can. Dry damp floors to avoid injury.

    Manufacturer: P & G

    Product Size: 8.8 oz

    SKU/UPC: 00037000962649

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