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Capital Brewery® Wisconsin Amber® American Lager 12-12 fl. oz. Cans

  •  Capital Brewery® Wisconsin Amber® American Lager 12-12 fl. oz. Cans

  • Description: America's number 1 rated brewery (1998 Beverage Testing Institute's World Beer Championships in Chicago, IL). Some folks have never tasted beer from a traditional Wisconsin lager brewery. We find this unbelievable. Other folks won't drink anything but. We totally understand. Life isn't complete until you've tasted one true blue Wisconsin Amber - the beer Badgers brag about. For out-of-towners looking for lager, this American is a must. For you newcomers now surfing the liquid landscape, we suggest two beers; our current Capital Seasonal plus Madison's favorite Amber. And to locals who demand this beer and this beer only, our heartfelt thanks. Wisconsin Amber - beer for Badgers. Stop by our brewery sometime and literally study out rooftop. Especially study the flags. They spell out one of our core beliefs, but in a somewhat secret code. Here's the Translation: Drink beer naked. While some people shout their beliefs from the highest rooftop, we simply wave our flags. After all these years, locals and other Midwest types definitely know our whereabouts. For those still searching, we offer this handy-dandy map (please empty map of its contents before turning it over). We're located in a former egg-processing plant in Middleton, now populated by people with an obvious love of certain Wisconsin tradition: brewing and enjoying beer and the company it keeps.

    Product Size: 12 cn

    SKU/UPC: 00089961001233

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