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Festival Foods

Hodgson Mill Pure Corn Starch

  •  Hodgson Mill Pure Corn Starch

  • Description: Country of Origin: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

    Ingredients: 100% Corn Starch.

    Directions: Helpful Hints: 1. To replace flour when thickening gravies, sauces, soups and stews, 1 tbsp corn starch = 2 tbsp flour. Corn starch makes a creamier, smoother gravy too! 2. To prevent lumps when adding corn starch to hot liquid such as gravies, puddings, and soups, mix corn starch well with cold water. For 2 tbsp corn starch use 1/4 cup water. 3. For lower calorie gravies, pour off all fat from drippings. Replace with broth or water. 4. Silky-smooth corn starch has many household uses. Try it as body powder or deodorant, carpet deodorizer, oil stain remover, and more. Find more tips at

    Manufacturer: Hodgson Mill

    Product Size: 16 oz

    SKU/UPC: 00071518090012

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