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George Dickel Whisky, Tennessee Sour Mash, Superior No. 12 Recipe

  •  George Dickel Whisky, Tennessee Sour Mash, Superior No. 12 Recipe

  • Description: Estd. 1870. Chill-filtered. Small batch. Hand crafted. Smooth sippin'. Cascade Hollow: Take a sip of George Dickel's fine whisky and you'll know it comes from someplace pretty special. It's called Cascade Hollow. Back in the 1800s there were two things that drew George here: friendly people and the fresh water of Cascade Springs, some of the finest spring water we reckon to be found anywhere. If you come to Cascade Hollow for a visit, you'll find that not much has changed in the last century or so. On either count. Please recycle. Drink responsibly. Superior No. 12: Our Superior No. 12 has a rich depth of flavor perfectly balanced with Dickel's signature smooth finish. The rich flavors of No. 12 come from resting our whisky in Oak barrels for years longer than our Classic No. 8 blend. In this smooth finishing, 90 proof whisky, you'll find flavors of rich oak and subtle vanilla with hints of sweetness and smoke. Around here, we like to say, There ain't nothin' better. George A. Dickel: Back in 1870, George Dickel began fulfilling his dream of crafting the smoothest Tennessee Whisky around. George believed that to make the best whisky, there was one ingredient that he needed most - time. While more than a century has passed since George distilled his first batch, we continue to honor George's timeless craftsmanship by letting our whisky rest, as long as it needs to, before bottling. Inspired early on, George discovered that his whisky made in the cold winter months tasted smoother. Today we follow this tradition by chilling our whisky before filtering it through sugar-maple charcoal. We think our unique chilled filtration process makes a fine whisky, hope you'll agree. 90 proof. 45% alc/vol. Distilled & charcoal mellowed at George A. Dickel & Co. Tullahoma, Tennessee. Bottled by George Dickel & Co., Norwalk, CT.

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