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Bolthouse Farms 100% Fruit Juice + Boosts, Acai + 10 Superblend

  •  Bolthouse Farms 100% Fruit Juice + Boosts, Acai + 10 Superblend

  • Description: Acai juice in a blend of 11 other juices from concentrate and 1 not from concentrate with added ingredients. 3-3/4 servings of fruit (Each 8-ounce glass of Bolthouse Farms Acai + 10 Superblend provides 1 cup of fruit. Daily recommendation = 2 cups of fruit for a 2,000 calorie diet (MyPlate). One 1/2 cup provides a full serving of fruit) in every bottle. Acai plus a blend of 10 superfruits. After 95 years of working the land, one lesson rises to the top: the best beverages come from the best ingredients. Crisp veggies. Ripe fruit. All blended together to make great-tasting juices, smoothies and protein shakes. Goodness in, goodness out. Visit Please recycle. Flash pasteurized and cold-filled for quality. Sweetened only with all natural fruit. Feel good about what's in this bottle with the juice of: Goji Berry: Deliciously tangy, exotic super berry native to the Tibetan Himalayas; Bilberry: Deep purple, blueberry-like European superfruit; Black Currant: Dark purple superfruit with a sharp & sweet taste; Mangosteen: Rich & creamy superfruit from the tropics; Blueberry: North American superfruit popular for its delightfully sweet flavor; Noni Berry: Volcanic superfruit that takes 1-1/2 years to reach full potency; Yumberry: Brilliant red superfruit native to Eastern Asia; Raspberry: Popular, bright red superfruit with a sweet & tangy flavor; Pomegranate: Superfruit with a deliciously tart & sweet flavor. Nature's Superfruit: Acai (Pronounced ah-sigh-ee). Bolthouse Acai + 10 Superblend contains 20% daily value of vitamin C, an antioxidant vitamin that helps the body fight free radicals. 100% juice. For questions or comments, call 1-800-467-4683, M-F 8 AM-4 PM PST. Gluten free. No preservatives. No artificial colors or flavors. Bottled with pride in the USA.

    Ingredients: Apple Juice from Concentrate (Water, Apple Juice Concentrate), Organic Acai Juice, Black Currant Juice from Concentrate (Water, Black Currant Juice Concentrate), Lemon Juice from Concentrate (Water, Lemon Juice Concentrate), Inulin (as Dietary Fiber), Raspberry Juice from Concentrate (Water, Raspberry Juice Concentrate), Merlot Grape Juice, Bilberry Juice from Concentrate (Water, Bilberry Juice Concentrate), Hibiscus from Concentrate (Water, Hibiscus Concentrate), Blueberry Juice from Concentrate (Water, Blueberry Juice Concentrate), Yumberry Juice from Concentrate (Water, Yumberry Juice Concentrate), Pomegranate Juice from Concentrate (Water, Pomegranate Juice Concentrate), Mangosteen Puree Concentrate (Water, Mangosteen Puree Concentrate), Natural Flavor, Noni Juice from Concentrate (Water, Noni Juice Concentrate), Seabuckthorn Powder, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Goji Juice from Concentrate (Water, Goji Juice Concentrate).

    Directions: Perishable. Keep refrigerated. Shake well. Settling is natural.

    Manufacturer: Campbell Soup

    Product Size: 15.2 fz

    SKU/UPC: 00071464016210

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