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Festival Foods

Cooks Sparkling Wine, Spumante

  •  Cooks Sparkling Wine, Spumante

  • Description: Cook's tradition of exceptional sparkling wines was born in 1859 when Isaac Cook created the first American sparkling wine as good as the finest French Champagnes. Our dedicated wine makers have carried on Cook's tradition of quality ever since. Cook's Spumante is a smooth, fruity sparkling wine in the Italian Spumante Style. Sparkling Wine. Alc. 8.5% by vol.

    Ingredients: Contains Sulfites.

    Directions: Chill well before opening. Be careful! To avoid serious eye or hand injury open as follows: (1) Chill well. (2) Do not shake. (3) Point bottle away from self and others. (4) Remove hood. (5) Twist stopper out slowly by hand. (6) Never use a cork remover. Stopper may eject forcefully while you are removing the hood or at any time after hood removal. Bottle contains high pressure which increases with warmth or shaking.

    Manufacturer: Cooks Champagne Cellars

    Product Size: 25.4 fz

    SKU/UPC: 00083804047198

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