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Hormel Mashed Potatoes, Garlic

  •  Hormel Mashed Potatoes, Garlic

  • Description: With real sauteed garlic. Made with 100% fresh russet potatoes! Since 1891. Now in a tray! Questions or comments, visit or call 1-800-523-4635. Enough room has been provided in the tray to allow mixing during product preparation.

    Ingredients: Cooked Potatoes (Potatoes, Water), Milk with Vitamin D3, Butter (Cream and Salt), Cream, Contains 2% or Less of Sea Salt, Antimicrobial Blend (Maltodextrin, Cultured Dextrose, Sodium Diacetate, Salt, Egg White Lysozyme, Nisin Preparation [Salt, Nisin]), Sauteed Garlic (Garlic, Natural Onion Flavor [Gum Arabic, Natural Flavors, Rice Concentrate, Maltodextrin]), Potassium Sorbate (Preservative), Glucono-Delta-Lactone, Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate, Onion Powder.

    Directions: Keep refrigerated. Fully cooked. Freezing not recommended. Heating Instructions: Important: Do not use container in conventional, convection or toaster oven. Because microwaves, stove tops and sauce pans differ you may need to adjust heat times. Caution: Container and its contents will be hot. Carefully remove film to avoid steam burns. Microwave (Tray is Microwavable): 1. Remove package from cardboard sleeve. Pierce of peel back plastic film to vent. 2. Place container in microwave. Heat on high for 2 minutes. Peel back film and stir contents. Re-cover with the film and continue to heat on high for an additional 2-3 minutes or until hot. Let stand for 1-2 minutes. 3. Carefully remove container from microwave. Stir well before serving. Stove Top: 1. Empty contents from package into a 2-quart saucepan. 2. Heat over medium heat, stirring frequently, until warm; 6-8 minutes. For extra creaminess, try adding 1-2 tablespoons of milk or cream before heating. Microwaves and stove tops will vary. Heating times given are approximate. Must be refrigerated. Perishable. Use within 3 days of opening.

    Manufacturer: Hormel Foods

    Product Size: 20 oz

    SKU/UPC: 00037600810784

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