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Festival Foods

Fresh Flight Fish

From Shore To Store.

Fresh salmon, ahi tuna, cod fillets … whatever it is you're craving, we will get it to you. We believe that even though we're located in Wisconsin, you still deserve to experience the same fresh fish and seafood as you'd find vacationing on the coast. Festival Foods has built a special relationship with FedEx®, and four unique fishing companies in Alaska, Massachusetts, Hawaii and Washington. These fishing companies bring fresh fish -- direct from their docks -- to our stores. Our geographically-diverse partnerships ensure that you'll receive the freshest seafood available, at competitive prices, all year long.

See what's on the line! Select any of the fish varieties below to learn more about cooking and nutritional information, including side dish and wine pairing suggestions.

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    Washougal, Washington
    Washougal, Washington

    Foods In Season

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Call the Meat and Seafood Department at your store to find out what Fresh Flight Fish selections are currently available near you. Many species of fish are seasonal and are not always available.

Fish Flavor profile Chart

Fish Flavor profile Table
Fish Name Texture Flavor
Red Snapper Delicate Mild
Grouper Delicate Mild
Cod Delicate Mild
Flounder Delicate Mild
Haddock Delicate Mild
Scallops Delicate Mild
Sole Delicate Mild
Tilapia Delicate Mild
Lobster Medium Mild
Shrimp Medium Mild
Tilapia Medium Mild
Walleye Pike Medium Mild
Rainbow Trout Medium Mild
Flounder/Sole Medium Mild
Catfish Firm Mild
Monkfish Firm Mild
Arctic Char Delicate Moderate
Scallops Delicate Moderate
Lake Perch Delicate Moderate
White Fish Delicate Moderate
Ocean Perch Medium Moderate
Smelt Medium Moderate
Trout Medium Moderate
Atlantic Pollock Medium Moderate
Opah Medium Moderate
Rockfish Medium Moderate
Steelhead Medium Moderate
Ocean Perch Medium Moderate
Striped Bass Medium Moderate
Clams Firm Moderate
Mahi-Mahi Firm Moderate
Mussels Delicate Full
Bluefish Delicate Full
Oysters Delicate Full
Smelt Delicate Full
Mackeral Medium Full
Atlantic Salmon Medium Full
King Salmon Medium Full
Coho Salmon Medium Full
Sockeye Salmon Medium Full
Marlin Firm Full
Swordfish Firm Full
Tuna Firm Full
Clams Firm Full
  • Mild Flavor
  • Moderate Flavor
  • Full Flavor