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Festival Foods

Peak This Week

What's In Season, How To Tell It's Ripe, Recipes & More

With so many produce options, we want to help highlight what's in season and at its prime, and what's not. Peak This Week is your guide to fruits and veggies, updated weekly!

Seasonal Rating Key
In Season/At Peak
In Season/At Peak
Iceberg Lettuce

The quality and quantity of iceberg lettuce is at a high right now. This means that we will start seeing great prices! Check out these great BLT recipes under our Battle of the BLTs blog!

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Upcoming Peak
Upcoming Peak
Vidalia Sweet Onions

We’re starting to see supply and quality of sweet onions increase. This means we will see great prices on onions! Enjoy snack time or a nice Cinco De Mayo treat with this delicious recipe to make homemade Chunky Fresh Guacamole.

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Out of Season
Halo Clementines

The supply of clementines is starting to decline. We will see prices increase and quantity decrease for a couple of week, but other easy peel citrus will become available.

Areas to Watch
Chopped Romaine

The romaine lettuce is low in supply for the next few weeks. Supplies from the north should be arriving in May. We expect the quality and quantity to rise in a few weeks.