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Festival Foods

Peak This Week

What's In Season, How To Tell It's Ripe, Recipes & More

With so many produce options, we want to help highlight what's in season and at its prime, and what's not. Peak This Week is your guide to fruits and veggies, updated weekly!

Seasonal Rating Key
In Season/At Peak
In Season/At Peak

The quality and quantity of asparagus from Mexico is at its best right now. Prices are reasonable and the vegetables look amazing. We love asparagus in this Creamy Pasta with Salmon, Asparagus and Dill recipe.

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Upcoming Peak
Upcoming Peak
Colored Peppers

Mexico’s spring harvest, along with Canada’s greenhouses, has produced a good supply of red, yellow and orange peppers. We’re starting to see supplies ramp up, which means great prices and excellent quality. We expect this trend to continue the next few weeks, which makes it the perfect time to try this Spring Skewer Stackers recipe.

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Out of Season
Green Peppers

Green peppers from the southeast have passed their peak due to heavy rainfall. The supply and quality of the vegetable is beginning to decline.

Areas to Watch
Spinach and Arugula

As the southwest continues to get rain, spinach and arugula continue to be damaged by mildew. Other leafy vegetables will increase in supply but we’re seeing shortages and lower quality in organic and nonorganic.