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Festival Foods

Peak This Week

What's In Season, How To Tell It's Ripe, Recipes & More

With so many produce options, we want to help highlight what's in season and at its prime, and what's not. Peak This Week is your guide to fruits and veggies, updated weekly!

Seasonal Rating Key
In Season/At Peak
In Season/At Peak

With the better weather in Washington, the quality and quantity of red cherries and yellow Rainier cherries are at a high right now. This means great prices and that the fruit is looking awesome and has great flavor.

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Upcoming Peak
Upcoming Peak

We’re starting to see the specialty melon supplies and quality increase. This means we will continue to see great prices on the varieties of melon.

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Out of Season
California Vegetables

With increasing temperatures in California, the quality and quantity of lettuce, cauliflower and celery will continue to decline.

Areas to Watch
Green Beans

Due to increasing temperatures in Florida and Georgia, the quality of the green bean crop has decreased drastically. There has also been a decline in quantity.