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Festival Foods

Peak This Week

What's In Season, How To Tell It's Ripe, Recipes & More

With so many produce options, we want to help highlight what's in season and at its prime, and what's not. Peak This Week is your guide to fruits and veggies, updated weekly!

Seasonal Rating Key
In Season/At Peak
In Season/At Peak

Conditions continue to be favorable for the growth and harvest of strawberries in California. We are seeing good color and the fruit tastes great. Bonus: We expect this to continue through the next few weeks.

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Upcoming Peak
Upcoming Peak

The watermelon harvest is progressing nicely in the southeast and we expect to see prices coming down in the next few weeks. Keep an eye out for great prices on this tasty fruit.

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Out of Season
Storage Apples

Certain varieties of apples are stored in atmosphere controlled rooms after harvest. As rooms open, growers are able to evaluate the product and adjust the markets based on yields and demand. Some varieties will be shorter than expected.

Areas to Watch
Leaf lettuce and assorted greens

We are still seeing shortages and quality issues in the leaf lettuces, especially romaine. Supplies are tight, which makes an impact on prices. Problems are showing up in the assorted greens such as cilantro, parsley, bok choy, napa and others.