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Festival Foods

There are hundreds of different ways to "give back" to the environment - from planting a tree to recycling to learning more about the world around us or shopping for locally grown produce. At Festival Foods, every day is Earth Day.

Festival Foods is committed to environmental sustainability. Our company has taken a variety of steps to reduce our carbon footprint by investing in new, energy efficient technology and repurposing local trees for a new store. For us, going green is a given and we work to stay environmentally friendly in a variety of ways.

Take a look at our green initiatives, which vary throughout our stores.

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Festival Foods takes great pride in providing fresh items in a variety of places in our stores and that means we need quality equipment.

  • 70%

    less electricity used

    You'll find LED lights in all refrigerated display cases, cooler and freezer boxes, and prep areas. We also have LED track lighting in our Bakery and Produce departments.

  • 80%

    more efficient

    We've got more than 200 cooler and freezer cases that have doors. These are 80% more efficient than open-air cases.

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Motion sensors with dimming controls on all cooler door lights save more energy than an 'On/Off' switch.
    • Festival Foods uses heat recovery from refrigeration systems for space heating. Need hot water? The heat is recycled from the refrigeration system!
    • Our refrigeration system has Electronically Communicated Motors, which use 60% less electricity than the industry standard motor.
    • We've got state of the art refrigeration control and leak detection systems in place. That means leaks are immediately detected and fixed.
    • We use cutting edge ultra-low ozone depleting refrigerants (R-448A), which have the lowest GWP (global warming potential) of any other refrigerant (by three times less than the standard)!

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Eco-Friendly Equipment

At Festival Foods, you can find small ways we 'go green' in just about every area of the store. From our grocery carts made with recycled plastic to energy efficient lighting, many of our stores run on eco-friendly equipment.

  • Sun icon

    It's all about the lighting! Notice anything different? Orion Solar Light Pipes significantly cut power usage of overhead lighting during the day – dimming significantly when they detect sunlight.

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    Only the best for our guests. Festival Foods uses Energy Star Certified Appliances in all departments when available.

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Wobbly wheels, loud noises, and broken handles are a thing of the past. The best part? Festival Foods grocery carts are 100% recycled plastic.
    • Our sinks use low flow spray valves, which means using 20% less water.
    • Motion Sensor Lights with dimming controls in our offices and restrooms help reduce energy consumption.
    • Check out our 100% recyclable and chlorine-free plastic protective bumpers.
    • Recycled material is endless! All of our stainless steel sinks and tables are 100% recycled stainless steel.
    • Clean up is made easy with solar powered garbage compactors.
    • Festival Foods proudly installs LED parking lot lights at all of our new locations.
    • We use non-CFC urethane insulation in walk-in panels.
    • Talk about some sturdy shelving. All of our steel shelves are 30% recycled steel!
    • Festival Foods has a state of the art building energy management system, with HVAC controls to efficiently heat and cool the building.

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Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Festival Foods doesn't just think about saving energy and reducing our carbon footprint inside our stores, we're looking outside our walls and into our communities as well.

  • Bag icon

    Grab a reusable, biodegradable cloth bag. We'll give you a 5¢ discount when you bring it back in to shop.

  • Bench icon

    Take a break on of our park benches, they're made from recycled plastic grocery bags!

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The 'good stuff' doesn't just end with a delicious meal. Grease from our Deli and Bakery Departments is recycled and used for alternative environmentally friendly fuels.
    • Have an eco-friendly car? Charge it up with the Electric Car Chargers at some of our new locations, including Sheboygan, Janesville and Madison.
    • Visiting our Madison store? Festival Foods worked with Madison-based WholeTrees Architecture & Structures to re-purpose large ash trees from Tenney Park in place of steel columns to achieve a great looking, unique store in the process.
    • Soak up the sun! The Festival Foods sign outside of our Madison store? It's solar powered.
    • Our light colored roofs reflect up to 90% of UV rays and are manufactured with 50% less fossil fuel.
    • Recycle your cardboard, aluminum cans, or plastic bags! Pro Tip: Make a purse out of your bags!
    • Look down. Our polished concrete floor in Madison reduces the need for chemicals in maintenance.
    • We're keeping it clean. Festival Foods doesn't sealcoat our parking lots, reducing carbon footprint and minimizing harmful chemicals.
    • No food is garbage, which is why we're composting organic products in many of our stores.
    • We love giving back! Our Bakery and Produce Departments regularly donate to local food pantries, helping out our community and minimizing food waste.
    • The dishwashers in the Bakery and the Deli reuse 60% of the water from the rinse cycle in the next wash.