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Festival Foods Food Programs:

Food for Neighbors & Paw Away Hunger

We care about our guests and our community. That's why we are giving you and our associates the chance to donate to area food pantries and local animal organizations through Food for Neighbors and Paw Away Hunger.

“Our guests and associates are making a positive impact in their local communities with every contribution to Food for Neighbors and Paw Away Hunger. By promoting opportunities to contribute to these programs in our stores, we have the honor to further call attention to some of the needs in our communities.” — Mark Skogen, Festival Foods President and CEO.


We began our Food for Neighbors program in 2004 in eight stores. Shortly after, in 2008, we created Paw Away Hunger to help out our furry friends. All donations stay in the communities where they are collected, currently providing food and supplies to approximately 50 Wisconsin food pantries and 40 Wisconsin animal organizations.

Total Donated Since Existence of Programs

$3.4 million

Total Donated in 2023

Total Donated in 2023

How Can I Donate?

We are selling $5 and $10 donation cards at our front-end cashier registers. Provide your cards to the cashier, and your donation will be added to your grocery total.

All of your proceeds will help an animal organization or food pantry in your community.

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