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Festival Foods


Tomah Reviews

Terri Brower
Good friendly cashiers prices can be a little high
Brenda Bollig
Goes above and beyond for customers!
Beth DeFilippo
Helpful friendly clerks
Ronald Hubbell
Very friendly associate staff. Cater to every need that I have when looking for product. If I have a question they are always 5 steps ahead! I'm always greeted with a smile and the wide variety of product is very astounding!
Kathleene Hyatt
Glad that they are in town now
Darren Man
The store is nice.Produce is about the same as Gordy's is most Produce in these markets.They all buy from the same to the Prices..they are more expensive.just like Burnstads and Gordy's were for virtually same products you get at wall Mart or Aldi's ...was hoping for more competitive pricing ...Deli is almost unaffordable.. Rotisserie chicken is pretty expensive....
Beth DeFilippo
Helpful staff. Except one at the courtesy counter. She really should just be a checker and not a courtesy clerk. She was snotty. And acted like it was a bother for me to ask her a question on where some fish batter could be found since there was none to be found in the baking aisle. The checkout clerk however was the helpful one and after i was ready to check out he had asked if i found everything. I said "everything except what i asked your courtesy clerk. I then told him, the courtesy clerk said you dont carry the item...which i thought was odd"...he said what was that. I said fish batter. He said we carry that. And proceeded to take me to get the item i actually came in for. I dont know the name of the courtesy girl. But she was a bigger girl. With long dark hair. And her skin tone is white. But her snottiness should have been left at home. Not on the job.
Jason Erdman
Nice to see them in this store, hope to see a greater variety of produce.
Jim Opgenorth
A great selection of FRESH produce, fruit, meat, and fish. Plus friendly service.
Nick Rhea
I'm saying it's ok for now because I'm really missing the seafood selection the Lacrosse / Onalaska Festival has. Also, it is a but pricy but terrible by any means. Higher quality meats and much better bakery than Walmart.
Jeremy Bumgarner
Clean and great service
Rodney Starch
I go to Festival in LaCrosse when ever I am in the area. I don't mind the higher prices because if the quality and selection. I visited their Tomah store and am A bit disappointed, the selection isn't near the other stores. I will continue to go there simply because I detest Walmart. THE FESTIVAL EMPLOYEES ARE PLEASANT AND ALIVE, unlike Walmart.