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How to Make a Reusable Plarn Bag
plarn bag at checkout

Haven't heard of plarn before? It's "yarn" made from used plastic bags. Want to make the ultimate recycled tote? Check out the instructions below to make your own from Festival Foods bags! 

Materials Needed

  1. 30 – 40 Festival Foods plastic grocery bags
  2. Scissors
  3. Crochet Hook – size J to N – the bigger the hook the looser the weave
  4. Safety Pins to use as markers
  5. Optional – ruler and pen if you want to pen if you want the plarn strips the same width


  1. Make your plarn and roll into a ball.
  2. Make the bottom rectangle. Decide on the size you want (Example – 10 inches x 4 inches) and chain about 20 stitches.  Remember to keep the loops loose.
  3. To make the “body” of the bag, single crochet all around the rectangle and continue in the round until you reach the desired height. The pictured bag is about ten inches.
  4. To make the handle, start by placing four safety pins to mark where the handle will go.
  5. Single crochet up to the first pin, crochet 20 and join the row with the single crochet at the fourth pin. Continue to single crochet around the top edge increasing the width of the handles until they are about 1 – 1 ½ inches wide.
  6. Finish

If you are new to crocheting, you may want to seek additional crochet instructions online.  We found this great guide on how to make plarn, and for the visual learners out there, there are a lot of instructional videos on YouTube.  Just search!  To view the instructions that inspired this bag, check out this blog from Etsy.

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