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Festival Foods

  • Pup Spot kennels
  • Pup Spot

    Running around with your furry friend and need to make a quick pit stop? With our Pup Spot, you can feel good about grabbing a few last-minute items while your pooch chills in the shade.

    At select locations, you’ll find Pup Spot kennels located in sheltered areas near the entrance of our stores. These kennels provide a clean and secure place for your pup to take a break while you shop. To ensure the best experience for our canine guests, we recommend dogs only visit the Pup Spot for 15 minutes and ask that all dogs are vaccinated.

  • Pup Spot is Secure


    All Pup Spot kennels are locked with a key that you take with you as you shop.

  • Pup Spot is Comfortable


    For the comfort of our furry friends, each Pup Spot kennel is equipped with a water bowl (water is not provided).

  • Pup Spot is Safe from the Elements

    Safe from the Elements

    All Pup Spot kennels are kept in cool, shaded areas that are protected from sun and rain.

  • Pup Spot is Clean


    All Pup Spot kennels are cleaned regularly.