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Festival Foods


Onalaska Reviews

chris welnetz
Great service and selection
Paul Young
Varieties of food and products I need.
Karen Clark
Always check your receipt before leaving the store. Two out of the last three times, the price that rang up was higher than the price on the shelf. They used to give you the difference back plus a dollar for catching the error. Now they only refund the difference. That extra dollar must have been costing them too much money.
Susan Jacobs
Prices may be a bit higher but the produce and best quality is amazing. Staff Is friendly. Store is clean.
Stacy Kennedy
I ordered a sheet cake for our store. An associate had her 20yr Anniversary. The cake was decorated above and beyond what I had given for instructions and was absolutely stunning!!! It tasted great and the price was even better!! Thanks Festival for having it ready, beautiful and being so fast on getting me out the door!!
Gina Mason-Haberlin
So happy to see our Tomah friends Rosemary and Joe training in Onalaska!!! We are family in our small town....We look forward to seeing their smiling faces in Tomah soon!!!
Rachel Marie Rodriguez
I love this particular Festival location. The staff is always very friendly and helpful. The carts guy is always smiling and saying Hi to everyone, and the produce is so fresh!
Jamie Leigh
Bakery Dept. - what happened to your frosting!? It used to be the best frosting ever, and now it is just horrible!! I can't even eat it! Anyone else notice this or am I the only one?! If the recipe has changed...PLEASE go back!!! Other than the bakery being a total upset - the store is always clean and friendly staff.
Jodi Lynne L.
I have always been a Festival Fan until recently. I observed behavior from a cashier that was out of order. She asked a pregnant woman too many personal questions: due date, sex of her babies (twins), and told her how "huge" she was. I could tell by the conversation, she did not know this woman. The poor lady just wanted to buy groceries. When prices seem to be exploding, I went for the class of service.
I have always been a Festival Fan until recently. I observed behavior from a cashier that was out of order. She asked a pregnant woman too many personal questions: …
Karen Roach
i was there friday night (9:30ish) before work to realize when i got to the counter i didn't have my debit card or cash on me...the very nice lady behind the counter stepped up and paid for it...i told her i would be back in the morning and she said don't worry about it pay it forward...hands down to her...couldn't thank her enough
Brevin Terpstra
love your festival foods best stotre lacrosse my home town
José Luis Sánchez Uría
Like this store. Always clean. Good meat.
Sheila Connors
I am Gluten free and was excited to see Festival starting to expand their GF department. But at what cost. My favorite loaf of Glutino bread is $6.49 a loaf at Festival and only $3.99 at Woodman's. The list goes on I find that every GF item that I could compare was anywhere from $1 - $2.50 more at Festival. This saddens me and I feel like in the GF area I am being taken advantage. The stores are nice and clean and their produce beats Woodman's any day of the week and happy to pay a little more for produce that will last more than a day or two. Looking forward to the opening of the Holmen Store that is the one I normally shop but GF is limited due to shelf space so have to shop in Onalaska and La Crosse.
The Screaming Banshee
People need to keep their kids from running all over. This is not a playground! I hit one kid who ran in front of me with a cart there was no place for me to go. Food choices are good and love the deli!!!