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Festival Foods


Janesville Reviews

Carmen Suzan Vega
Favorite place to get groceries especially when I have my grandbabies!
Anna Silver
Its ok
Erin Leigh
Thank you Festival for the amazing customer service! When shopping with a cranky baby, Ken brought him a balloon, another employee heard I was looking for cilantro and ran into the back to get me a fresh bunch, the ladies at check out helped me upload my groceries, and another Ken (cart master Ken) told me to have a wonderful day. I love the positivity and customer service oriented approach of this store.
Tyler Schwab
This is the best place to go grocery shopping. Amazing bakery, excellent customer service!
Megan Stafford
Love the selection amazing deals on a lot of things
Andre Jennings
A great place to shop
Donna Pope
Very clean and prices are great. They seem to have wide varieties. And everthing is fresh.
Judith Gabrielson
Bob Peryea
Daniel Belz
Always great service and prices,variety A1 all the way
The produce inside was amazing, but it felt like as you walked by the "fresh" fish/ seafood selections that they have not been cleaned at all. Thus having a horrible odor. Everyone seemed nice and for the most part everything seemed well organized on the shelves.
Sara Martalock
Awesome variety in the deli with hot cold bar and sushi which was excellent. (No sushi doesn't mean just raw fish, it's cooked, uncooked, veggies only, and other stuff too) Found an organic oatmeal I have been looking for too! Very good sales and fresh produce.
Conner Roland
Good food prices and deli is fantastic. Non food items are pretty pricey for my taste.
Brandon Fidler
I have yet to leave here spending less than $100 even if I’m only stopping for a few items. Clean store, lots of items to choose from in just about every category and no shortage of sales. Plus the kid play area is a hit with my daughter. Th hours are right and location is convenient. I should really send my wife here because I find too many things not on our list :)
David Barnes
This is the neatest and cleanest store. Love the festive atmosphere. The deli is a must. Prime rib special is great