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Festival Foods

Eau Claire - Birch

Eau Claire - Birch Reviews

Stephani Staats
I just wanted to say another thank you to the cashier who made my night so much easier yesterday! I don't know what made you notice us...if it was the 3 year old who was fresh off another meltdown about not getting a treat and about to start crying again or the 1 year old who had boycotted nap that day and was trying to sleep on my shoulder or maybe I looked panicked. You swooped over and gave my daughter a sticker (which made her day) before you unloaded my full cart. You called someone over to bag my groceries for me (thank him again for me too please)and taught me how to use the ad. You did all of this with a huge smile on your face that helped me smile my way through the rest of the night. Your amazing attitude and graciousness turned my family's entire night around. So THANK YOU again!!! We will be shopping here much more often!!!
Wayne Knuth
Great meat selection
Tom Malinoski
Nice store.,..
Caleb Horne
They had exactly what I was looking for, friendly staff and cheap prices. Love love love the new meat department! All in all a highly pleasant shopping experience.
Thressa Johnson
I love their Deli Foods but they're really expensive.
Paul Sikkema
I'm so glad that Festival now has this building. The store is wonderfully lit, everything is clean and organized. The shelves are well stocked. The deli is in my opinion othe best in Eau Claire. I forgot how big this grocery store is.
Shaun Kaiser
It's very clean and organized. Seems like some of their prices are a bit high but their selection is good and always fresh.
Amanda Fortney
Miss Gordy's but Festival is doing a great job
Debra Jacobson
Very nice and helpful
Dulcie Fleming
Didn't have what I was looking for. No loyalty program.
Zach Bowe
Best grocery store chain in Eau Claire hands down.
Daryl Morning
I love shopping here.
Mick Borton
Best butcher shop in the area. Fresh beef, fish, chicken and any thing else you can think of. Excellent delli and produce section And a great organic food section. By far the best grocery store in the area. But don't expect to get the best for less.
Jason Rezarch
Courteous and helpful
Chris Schreiner
It is a great place to shop good deals