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Festival Foods

Appleton - Darboy

Appleton - Darboy Reviews

Picked up our sons Birthday cake today, it was absolutely amazing! It exceeded our expectations and was very reasonably priced. This is by far the best cake we have gotten! Absolutely loved it. Thanks so much!!
Quentin Gabriel Haima
I love this store! Good selection of pre-made food which have always been delicious and affordable. Meat always looks fresh and the beef is always red never pink. Seafood section is as large as a fish market and has good prices. Wide variety of specialty cheeses. Self checkouts are a plus especially when you're having a bad day. Only grocery store in the area with a free daycare for children.
Jenni Feltus
Was hard to find certain items.
Dylan Wolff
Great stuff for not a lot of money
mike de caro
Quality food with a very larger variety. The organic section had a lot of what I look for as a vegetarian. The options are plentiful.
Shelly Igl
Always good for grocery shopping.
Amy Siever
I LOVE THIS GROCERY STORE!! Everyone here is so nice!! I also love the selection of food available. I’m never disappointed. I come back here over and over again, even though there are closer grocery stores to me, I’d rather go here!
glenn Hauser
This is scary. You watching where ever I go. I feel haunted and very violated that you people are stalking me. STOP THIS illegal behavior Google. You liberals are very snoopie.
Carmine Romano
So much easier to get around..not a million people like Wal-Mart... Sure prices are a little higher..but a lot less stess...
craig honer
Great place to shop. Friendly staff, huge selection, pretty good prices
Mary Kay Maertz
I was very impressed with all the hard work the staff at Festival did for Boofest!!! I had a great time with my grandchildren and for sure will come back😀😀😀
Alicia Hanson
Great produce and deli, super helpful staff!
Laurie Carpenter
Chris went out of her way to help me find a very rarely used item, (lard).
Kerry Deprey
An employee was very helpful.
Dawn Zeh
I absolutely love all of the choices from gluten-free products to the excellent Meat and Deli Department. The only thing I would say is the patrons of Festival are rude as they are entering and leaving Festival not watching as cars are coming through. Yes I understand the law but walking out in front of a car that is traveling already is dangerous and ignorant.