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Essential Everyday Bleach, Linen Scent

  •  Essential Everyday Bleach, Linen Scent

  • Description: HE. 64 oz = 96 oz. Same number of loads as before. Easy pour bottle. Real savings, highest quality every day. With fabric protection. Anti-allergen. Boosts cold water washing power. Effective washing machine cleaner (This bleach is safe for all washing machines. This unique product reduces the wear on your machine and yellowing of fabrics, while not compromising performance in your laundry, or around your home compared to regular bleach. This bleach is also effective at removing household allergens such as nonliving protein and particles, dust mite matter and dander from surfaces around your home, can boost your laundry detergent cleaning power saving you money and can even be used to clean your washing machine by running two rinse cycles. One cycle with just bleach, the second cycle just water.). For a cleaner, fresher household and laundry. Contains sodium hypochlorite. Contains no phosphorus.

    Directions: Household Use: To Disinfect Kitchen, Dishes, Sinks - 1. Use 1/3 cup bleach mixed with 2 quarts of water to soak cleaned dishes, teapot, cups, sinks, etc. for 5 minutes. 2. Rinse with a solution of 2 teaspoons of bleach per gallon of water. Do not use on silverware. Bleach solution can be used on glazed porcelain, baked enamel, etc., surfaces after cleaning. 3. Let air dry. Cleaning and Deodorizing Bathrooms - To clean and deodorize washable surfaces such as tubs, showers, counter tops, sinks, ceramic tile and vinyl flooring. 1. Spread a solution of 1 cup of this product per 1-1/2 gallons of water on clean surface. 2. Let stand 5 minutes, then drain or rinse and air dry. Toilet Bowls - To clean and deodorize toilet bowls, use 1 cup of this product. 1. Flush, pour in bleach - swab with brush, making sure to get under the rim. 2. Let stand for 10 minutes. 3. Flush. Do not use with bowl cleaners or any other household chemicals. Laundry Use: 1. Before adding clothes, mix 1/2 cup of bleach with water in top-loading 16 gallon machines or mix 1/2 cup bleach with water in front-loading 8 gallon machines. For large top loading automatics or larger heavily soiled loads, use 1 cup. For HE washers, add using the bleach dispenser filling to the max line following the machine manufacturer's instructions. 2. Add clothes. 3. Wash and rinse with usual cycles. Do not use on acetate, leather, silk, spandex, wool, mohair or non-fast colors. To Remove Stains - 1. Mix 1/4 cup of bleach with a gallon of water. 2. Soak stained area for 5 minutes to remove grass, ink, coffee, tea, scorch, fruit, etc. 3. Rinse thoroughly.

    Product Size: 64oz

    SKU/UPC: 00041303005989

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