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Festival Foods

Gerber Apple Peach Squash 2nd Foods - 2 PK

  •  Gerber Apple Peach Squash 2nd Foods - 2 PK

  • Description: Gerber® Apple Peach Squash 2nd Foods®. Non GMO. Not made with genetically engineered ingredients. Sitter. 2 packs of 4 oz (113g). Net wt 8 oz (226g). No artificial flavors or colors. Packaging made with no BPA. The goodness inside: 1/4 apple. 1/4 peach. 2 tbsp squash. Repeated exposure in important in acceptance of new foods including vegetables. US only: Paper, sleeve. No multi-layer, cup. All trademarks are owned by Societe Des Produits Nestle S.A., Vevey Switzerland or used with permission. Visit & meet Dorothy, 1-800-4-GERBER. ©2017 Nestle.

    Ingredients: Apples, Peaches, Squash, Water, Vitamin C, Citric Acid.

    Directions: Read below before serving. Refrigerate after opening and use within 2 days. Baby foods may be served at room temperature or warmed. You can feed your baby directly from each convenient tub. If one tub is too large for your baby, spoon out the desired portion into another dish for feeding and refrigerate the unused portion to enjoy later (within 2 days of opening). If you feed directly from the container, discard any unused portion. To warm: 1. Remove plastic lid. Remove foil seal completely and discard. 2. Replace plastic lid. Heat on high for 15 seconds in microwaves up to 1500W. 3. Stir. Always test temperature (by tasting) before serving.

    Manufacturer: Gerber Products Co.

    Product Size: 8 oz

    SKU/UPC: 00015000076856

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